I got cupcake’d this morning by J in my English lit class. It’s been a while since I’d gotten one and apparently he felt like baking last night. Plus he made the point to inform me that I “look like crap” today. Gee, thanks? But looking like crap means that there is sympathy for Michelle and therefore I get cupcake’d. So not too much complaints from me today. For those who are curious, it was a chocolate cupcake with light pink icing and white circular sprinkles. I felt a bit spoiled.

But how I don’t feel spoiled is with the registar that I decided to go through for my new domains. 24 hours later and the status on the control panel for what should be my shiny new domains is “Waiting for approval”. Approval of what? There’s inappropriate words in the names, nothing outrageous about it besides the fact that I can’t use them yet. Needless to say, I am not impressed. Doing a quick search via a very awesome forum (webhostingtalk.com) – I found out some things about the registar that I had decided to go with. A) People are easily frustrated with it and B) the company also works slooooooowly. Someone else had my same issue (the whole “Waiting for approval” nonsense) and about 48 hours after paying for it, their domain as ready for use. 48 hours? Really? I don’t recall any of the other registars that my current and past domains ever having to go through so much hell (Enom was the registar for the two domains I had previous to this one, Godaddy is the registar for ImaginarySunshine.com). I mean, renewing IS.com went off without a hitch. Authorized payment and then *poof*, the expiration date on my domain instantly changed from expiring in 2008 to 2009. So I’m currently not impressed with trying out this new registar and I hope they actually get registered soon since right now they’re not (I looked them up via WhoIs and all that shows up is ‘[domain name].com does not exist – register it here for $9.95!’

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