So the statuses of the domains went from “This domain has been requested” to “Ready”. Then I updated the name servers that they are pointing at so instead of pointing to [insert random name server here], they’re pointing to the shared hosting package that I’m currently on (which, by the way, was set up and running in under 24 hours – I’m just saying). So then the statuses changed to “Updating DNS”. Which was all fine and dandy. And it stayed like that. For quite a while. But luckily after approximately 3-6 hours (I’m not sure how much time exactly it took for the name servers to update as I was in class for a portion of that and by the time I got home and checked – they were updated). The domains were ordered at around 11:20am (I’d guess, don’t really remember that accurately) with the help of Kristi. It took probably over forty-eight hours to get to the “This domain has been requested” stage. Then it changed from that to “Ready” and it took another 3-6 hours to get to “Ready” again, after updating the name servers. That being said… They’re now ready for use. Which I am very happy about. However, it is a Thursday and I do have class tomorrow morning at 9am (and then volunteering after school from 3:30-4:30pm) so I shall be working on school work and doing notes for classes and rereading Great Expectations (for Monday’s class) before even touching my shiny new babies.

I swear, next time I’m going with Godaddy again. Even if it’s pricier, even if it’s an incredible pain in the ass to figure out how to use their domain control panel (I don’t buy domains that often so it was a pain in the ass to me since I don’t look at it very often). At least it was quick and easy and it didn’t take over two days to be up and running.

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