If you’re invited, and you’re reading this and the item is already crossed out it means you can’t complain about it. If you’re invited and you’re reading this and you’re allergic to anything – try to let me know before I hand you a plate of food. And if you’re not invited and you’re reading this, does anyone know any decent recipes for pasta sauce? Many thanks!

(Only because I don’t write this down somewhere that I’ll actually check on a semi-regular basis, I’ll forget everything that there ever was to do with this party.)

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  1. Somehow, I feel the “allergic” thing was directed at me. =D haha…. anyways, the past couple years I haven’t had any major allergic reaction to the food i’m supposedly allergic to, so now I just consider myself not really allergic to anything. =)

    But um… do tell me before you hand me orange juice because that, i think, i’m still allergic to.

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