I can’t wait until a week from now when people will hopefully stop talking about the US Election. I’m sorry, it’s great that the US is getting a new president and either way it’ll be some historical event. But I’m just sick and tired of hearing about it and reading about it. It’s taken over Twitter, blog entries, Canadian news websites, generally non-politics driven blogs, Canadian newspapers and Facebook. I don’t even remember CBC having this much coverage for the Canadian federal election, and that should have been more important for the Canadian Broadcasting Company than the American election seems to be.

No matter what way the election goes, I’ll just be glad when I won’t be looking at my RSS feeds and seeing ‘Did you vote?’, ‘I voted!’ and ‘Obama 2008!’ for blog entry titles.

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  1. Your not the only one who can’t wait for it to be over. Just think we get to vote for our city council next week. All I know is I want a new mayor for Vancity. I want all the 2008 elections to be over and done with.

  2. Ya. I hope Obama wins but then I can finally go to the physio therapy office, and watch CNN without hearing “ELECTION THIS ELECTION THAT” like no offensive but their elections are too DAMN long, and now we have regional elections here I don’t want to here much more about elections. I don’t care which states Obama won in, or whichs on McCain did just tell me who’s winning/who’s won, and GET IT OVER WITH

  3. Bah. Yeah I understand what youre saying. I know Im American but I havent got reallly into it. Like I told you… the canadian ex boyfriend cares more than I do! rawr

  4. I fully agree. I hate it when people who know nothing about it are giving their two cents and act like they are informed when they just repeat what they are fed. It’s on par with talking about a subject like you have a degree in it when you’ve only taken an intro course.

    But I think that the constant talk about the election is good. For their election anyway. American citizens can’t get away from reminders to vote or the issues surrounding voting. The constant exposure to politics helps get more people to vote.
    Perhaps if our elections got that kind of exposure, we would get more people to vote.

    But they don’t and probably never will until our tv channels are all Canadian owned, our population exceeds (or even comes to close to exceeding) the American population etc. And even then, it’s unlikely the rest of the world will care about Canada like they care about the United States.

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