I forgot about the write-in today, I’m so horrible. Well, I remembered about 15 minutes after I was supposed to be there – by then I was already sitting down and looking over a friend’s paper for them. So I made a mental note to show up on Monday (and a note on my cell phone so I won’t forget!) and then went and started typing after I was done with the editing. I’m now at 20,006 words. Which is where I’m going to be stopping for today. My goal is to write 10,000 words on Friday (November 7th). So if I do another 2,000-ish words tomorrow, I should have around 30k words by Saturday morning. Which will make me a very happy person. Then I’ll probably do another 10,000 over the weekend and I’ll be very much ahead of the curve. I want to get it done much sooner than is really required of me because of the fact that I have a term paper due near the end of the month (one that I haven’t actually received the criteria for yet) and I also do have a term lab report to write for one of my bio labs (haven’t started writing yet because I haven’t started the lab yet). I’d question if I’m being ambitious or not, but I know I can do 10,000 words in a weekend and I know I need to get it done fast so I’ll be okay with studying and term papers and lab reports for the second half of the month.

Oh, want to know something crazy? If you look up ‘twilight icons’ on google, you get like 2,450,000 links. Which is really insane. But if you go to page three (links 21-30) the 23rd link out of 2,450,000 is my twilight icons. This is what happens when I go and look up the referral links to see where people come to my site from. And that’s one of the places. They go through google to find me! (Well, they’re really looking for twilight icons, but that’s okay too.)

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  1. WOO 20,000, congrats! And I can see about getting it done sooner because of that paper. Good luck! You’re on a roll haha.

    I’m glad I didn’t enter, actually. I just got a review application and I’ve literally (UGH) spent five plus hours on it. And I’m only halfway. The site has SO MANY GRAMMATICAL AND SPELLING AND PUNCTUATION ERRORS, it’s not funny *cries*

    And the page is huge already, OMG *groaaaaan*

    And I’m getting sore fingers and hands. Are you typing up your novel? Don’t you get sore =O

    Maybe I’m only just feeling the effects *cringe*

    Haha I love looking up things in Google to see what I come up as. On my previous site I had a Google pagerank of 3 and now I’m zero. ROFL. But I’d be happy if I was near top of the list. Hahahaha. Damn Google *shakes fist*

  2. Yay, for so many words! Almost halfway in less than a week; you’re really rocking it! I am very far behind right now, haha. I also plan to do a lot of writing this weekend. =)
    Will you be posting your novel somewhere accessible so that we may read it? I’d really like to read your work. =]

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