Just some responses to some questions that some of you have left on my blog entries lately. I do try to actually respond to comments. Or pretend to remember to, at least.

@ Georgina – Yes, I’m typing up my novel, but besides the first three hours of November 1st, I’ve been pretty good about taking breaks. Since the weekend, I’ve only been working on my novel between classes while I’m at school and reserving time at home for studying and, occasionally, blogging and catching up on current events. IS.com is currently holding steady at a Google PR of 2 out of 10. My new project is currently holding a N/A status because I haven’t requested it to be indexed by Google yet.

@ Lauren – I doubt that I’ll be posting it up anywhere to read, mostly because it’ll be in a first draft form with probably a lot of grammatical errors (there’s a lot of green squiggly lines everywhere) and I do want to edit it before revealing it to everyone.

@ Aimee – I’m not really enjoying my Family Studies class. The good thing is that some of it is common sense questions, the bad thing is that the other part is very specific statistics that I need to remember for tests and such.

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  1. Haha, ooh, those green squiggly lines. xD Well, as long as I get to to read it someday — the title intrigues me. =]
    No matter how slowly I’m going, I’m really having fun with NaNo — thank you so much for presenting this opportunity to me! =D

    And don’t we all wish we’ve been nibbled on by Edward? 😉

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