In my rush this morning, I was running late for my bio lab (read: quiz) and I ended up nearly treading right onto something black. I stopped, paused, and looked down only to see a small furry black ball that was kind of just… there. I knew I hadn’t stepped on it so I gave it a slightly nudge on it’s side with my shoe and then the squirrel uncurls itself and it was Edgar (the friendly black tail-less squirrel that occasionally harasses me in the primitive teaching garden at my school). He started acting a little out of character (he was perhaps glaring at me…) then I murmured a quick apology and went to class. Sometime around noon, I had gone and gotten a bagel for breakfast (yes, at around noon) then I went and ripped a small piece off and left it onto one of the benches. I stepped back a few feet and then Edgar comes running over, jumps onto the park bench, sniffs it, picks it up and shoves the entire piece into his mouth. He looks over at me, tilts his head a little, wiggles his hands a bit as he ran a paw through the fur on the top of his head and he went off. I’d like to think that he has forgiven me for his near-death experience.

I hope everyone had a good Tuesday. Mine’s been very… long. And hectic. And full of near-death experiences (for Edgar) (and it was only once).

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  1. Haha I swear, I cant get over black squirrels. We just dont have them here. When I saw my first one in Ontario I nearly died. Im glad Edgar has forgiven you.

  2. We have very few black squirrels. I’ve only seen one or two in my life… they must take the bridge from Windsor occasionally.

    Poor sleepy ball-squirrel…

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