While I was entertaining my friend when we were waiting in the hospital waiting room (because the poor guy needed to get x-rays for his foot), he was commenting about how I’m not like a lot of people who’ve just turned nineteen. Something about how I don’t run around wild or end up drinking myself underneath a table or something. I decided to take that as a compliment when he said that to me, but what he also pointed out was that as someone who’s now nineteen, I can do pretty much anything I want in Canada that’s legal. I can decide to go hopping (like a bunny) through clubs or go and buy cigarettes (not sure why I’d want to though) or I can gamble. I mean, even my own parents play the lottery every single week. Plus, when my sisters and my mom went to Las Vegas, they went into a few casinos and played a few rounds of poker with some somewhat-experienced players and they didn’t really bet too much on it but they had fun anyways. They brought back a lot of stories and how it was just really exciting for them, I even got a die that says ‘Michelle’s Casino’ on it, which I thought it was a cute souvenir.

In between him telling me that I need to loosen him a bit and me telling him about my friends from high school because he just wanted to hear about everyone and then one he liked what he heard, he’d ask if they were single (great, he’s sitting there with an injury and he wants to know if my friends are single so that he can get a date). I thought that was pretty desperate sounding, but I figured he was just trying to get his mind off of the fact that he did get his foot run over by a car. That being said, he did reveal a few things to me as well. Like how when he was nineteen, he went on a cross-country road trip with a friend and they would hit up any liquor store or casino that they saw on their way out east because they wanted to drive from British Columbia all the way to Prince Edward Island. He sheepishly admitted that they got about as far as Saskatchewan before the car broke down and they had to kind of hitch hike their way back. Nowadays, he’s been sticking to online casinos because it doesn’t take that long to get there and he doesn’t have to risk his car breaking on his way home from a cross-country road trip either. That being said, I’m really glad he decided to get himself back to BC and not stay in Saskatchewan because I’m not sure I’d find psychology nearly as entertaining as I do when he’s sitting next to me and threatening to toss an eraser at my head.

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