I hope everyone had a great Friday. I kind of forgot about the Friday 5 and it’s no longer Friday in my time zone! Oh well. So who saw Twilight on opening night? I wanted to, but the person who promised to go with me was kind of working at the time. And I kind of don’t want to be sitting in a movie theatre with like… a hundred 10-13 year old fangirls who are too busy screaming over Jacob and Edward to watch the actual movie and to listen to the accompanying words. (And for those who are all ‘Team Jacob’ – Have you read Breaking Dawn? Totally creepy and not in a good way either. That being said, I like Edward and all but… Robert Pattinson? Really? Cedric?) But whatevs, I haven’t seen the movie yet so I won’t make rude comments towards Edward/Cedric just yet.

The first year that I did NaNo, I hit 50,000 words by November 20th. I don’t quite remember for the second or third year, but I finished/won/whatever’d at least by the 25th. This year? Well, it’s currently the 22nd (barely, but still) and I’m just over 38,000 words. It’s a slow year. Plus my plot didn’t have enough plot to it. And I had more things going on in terms of school (labs, papers, other assignments). And umm.. yeah. Yay for term papers, lab preperation and just overall other things going on. I am still, however, optimistic about finishing this weekend. Why? 2 days, 12,000 words. 6,000 words today and 6,000 tomorrow and then I’ll be blissfully done and I will never look at this piece of crap again (erm… not for another 5 months or so).

Click here to read about how I got approached by a 3 year old on the bus to be his girlfriend yesterday morning.

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