Stolen from Jenna.

1. Where is your cell phone?
In my pocket.

2. Your significant other?
Sleeping… It’s only 10:22am!

3. Your hair?
It’s on my head. It’s currently an odd reddish-brownish-black mixture. Some people still claim that it’s red (i.e. M from bio lab).

4. Your mother?
At work, and she’s pretty awesome.

5. Your father?
On a plane! He comes back tonight (with gifts, perhaps?).

6. Your favorite thing?
My books.

7. Your dream last night?
Umm… I remember it. I just don’t it’s appropriate to be sharing to y’all without slapping on something like “If this was a movie, it’d be rated R or NC-17…”

8. Your favorite drink?
Alcoholic: vodka. Non-alcoholic: water or iced tea.

9. Your dream/goal?
Get into the nursing program. Get published before I turn 25 (I’m 19 right now).

10. What Room are you in?
The hallway outside of the lecture hall where my psychology lecture is held.

11. Your hobby?
Is being sleep deprived a hobby? If not, then jewelry design, crocheting and blogging.

12. Your fear?
Being alone.

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
Alive…? Graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing (BN) and working somewhere would also be awesome.

14. Where were you last night?
In my bed, in my room.

15. Something that you aren’t?

16. Muffins?
… What about them? I like blueberry ones. Or chocolate.

17. Wish list item?
World peace, cure of cancer or AIDS, a pink hippopotamus, love.

18. Where you grew up?
In North America (Canada, to be a tad more specific).

19. Last thing you did?
Answered #18.

20. What are you wearing?
Clothing… And glasses… And earrings… And… -counts- 13 bracelets..

21. Your TV?
Very flat… and large and oh-so-wonderful for watching Grey’s Anatomy on.

22. Your pets?
What pets? Do virtual ones count?

23. Friends?
They’re either sleeping or awake, at school, work or at home. And breathing. And I love them.

24. Your life?
Oddly at times I feel accomplished. … Then I remember better than that.

25. Your mood?

26. Missing someone?

27. Your car?
I use public transit.

28. Something you’re not wearing?
Erm… Flipflops!

29. Your favorite store?
Can I pick Etsy? Or I’d pick Chapters or an electronics store.

32. Your favorite color(s)?
Red and green (but not together).

33. When is the last time you laughed?
This morning.

34. Last time you cried?
I don’t remember.

35. Who will resend this?

36. One place that you go to over and over?

37. One person who emails you regularly?
My prof for my Family Studies class, sadly.

38. My favorite place to eat?
I don’t have a favourite restaurant, not really. I do however like that dim sum place…

39. One place you would like to go right now?
Home. Or Paris (France, not Ontario).

40. One person you think will respond?
… YOU!

41. One TV show you watch all the time?
General Hospital, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Tudors… I think that’s all I have set to be recorded on the PVR.

3 Responses

  1. Ohh I love these things.
    I used to wear like 20+ bracelets at a time.. fun stuff.
    I’m sorry, but your request for the cure of AIDs will never be granted 🙁 I could go into a religious spout but I’ll spare you 😀 I’ll work on the pink hippo though.

    I’ll probably steal this as well.

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