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  1. Aww, we all miss our loves. *nod* but well, I patched things up with James so yay! I haven’t seen him in ages though, but I’ll see him on Wednesday.. YAY!

    Congrats on WINNING NaNoWriMo!!!!!! *applause* Clay had better be proud.. or he could be like James and wonder what the hell is with my internet addiction (which is why my mum thought it’d be nice to cut down my internet time to cook cheese biscuits).

    Haha well that was awfully rude of that reviewee not to link you. I hate when that happens and just put off their review till they do; makes me worry less. 🙂

    But I am worried about the mass emails I haven’t checked over the past few days. 😛

  2. nah david and I didnt kill eachother lol
    I am so proud you finished your writting thing
    thank GOD my laptop should be be back on tues so i will be back to normal online life. that and the fact the holidays are gone (for now!)

  3. Congratluations! I did nothing this month so I’m probably going to do a Nano Wrimo thing next month or in January.

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