Here’s a list of things that I have managed to do today:

So what did you do today this lovely Wednesday? Mention either the most interesting or the most mundane thing you’ve done so far. Don’t be shy, it can’t be as boring as me!

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  1. woke up really early to pee
    went ahead and made davids sandwiches for lunch and went back to bed
    went back to bed
    got up to see what david was writing down this morning (a note saying he loved me)
    went back to bed
    woke up at 8
    walked the dog
    went shopping with my mom
    put up christmas tree
    watched days of our lives
    made dinner
    played online
    yup yup

  2. Woke up
    Installed scanner software
    Installed more art programs
    Deleted some stuff from the computer
    Made breakfast, and lunch
    Watched Steven Harpers address to the nation, and laughed.
    Talked to a friend about the address on MSN.
    Tried to watch the replies to Stephne Harper online but it wouldn’t work.
    Finally find the replies on the CTV website.
    Continued deleting stuff of the computer
    Looked up art tutorials online, and GIMP brushes, and tutorials

  3. Wow, someone was productive today! Um.. I…

    – Woke up at 8am, showered, and ran off to my interview
    – Had an interview
    – Went and got/ate lunch with my gm
    – Visited my sister and checked on poor Rascal (her dachsund)
    – Cooked & cleaned up after supper
    – Vaccumed
    – Did a load of towels
    – Cleaned the kitchen
    – Cleaned the computer / bed room
    – Made two new decks for the TCG
    – Blogged, ish on SF, KA, and MN!

  4. Yay for studying?

    Best part of my day: Going thrift store shopping after finishing exams. I got a sweet oversized cardigan that’s going to keep me super warm this winter. It needs a little work like taking out shoulder pads (oh the 80’s…) but it’s worth it.

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