I remember when I was really little and we had got so many Christmas cards one year that we had a living room covered with them. This was before my relatives discovered the internet and email and now it’s just little animated e-cards with really bad music all the time. Luckily we still have really awesome people that we know that mail us real cards. So far this year we have about twelve or so cards in our living room right now, which is a lot more than we’ve been getting the last few years and a few of them are even Digital Photo Cards, which is really nice because that means the cards are unique and they mean a lot more when it’s not just something that you can buy in a box that everyone else is sending off to their loved ones as well. And plus, it’s nice to see my cousin’s toddler since he’s so adorable and they live too far away to visit so getting photos is really nice, especially when he’s wearing a little Santa hat.

One site where you can go to get your custom holiday cards with your very own digital photography is ChristmasCardsDirect.com where they offer over 200 different styles of cards. The designs are gorgeous and there’s just so many to choose from. After looking at their pricing information, I can see that it’s on par with pre-made (not-customized) cards that you can get in stores, and the larger the quantity that you buy, the less expensive each card is. And they all come with envelopes, which is good because I think I lose them all the time. The best part about this company that I found is that they offer free samples (of up to 6 cards!) for you to check out their quality before you even place an order.

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  1. Christmas cards are awesome. I wouldn’t have minded sending out some this year, but I don’t think I have time, sadly. But I’m definitely going to make it a tradition next year. 😀 It’s just nice to know that a person took the time to actually write something and send it, huh? :]

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