It’s the season for black ice and reckless driving and speeding and taking lots of photos of damaged cars…

My parents got into a car accident on the way home today. My mom’s really shaken up because the other driver (who was at fault) drove straight into her door. She’s not hurt or anything, it’s just… I’d be pretty freaked out too. She’s currently sipping some random tea that I made for her (we ran out of the regular tea bags, so I have ended up using unopened tea bags that I find in my house). My dad’s busy downloading photos off of the digital camera and I’ve cleared off one of my usb jumpdrives for them (2gb, the smallest one that I own). Needless to say, I think my parents are taking this fairly well. My mom just made a joke about how she wants a new car for Christmas.

Granted, car accidents at this time of year kinda suck… Especially since they just allowed the insurance to lapse on our other car since they had decided it was getting expensive to maintain two cars when we don’t drive the other one as much (plus that car uses more expensive gas). I’m just really glad that both of them are okay. According to my dad, the car’s “very unhappy” at the moment. At least they’re not sullen and angry over it? Doesn’t help that they just spent money on some new appliances and just went on vacation last month and everything. I don’t know, they keep on telling me not to worry about the household finances. But it’s kind of difficult when I do overhear things and hear about how much X, Y and Z cost them last month and how much they need to spend on A, B and C.

Overall it was shaping up to be an excellent day… And then a car accident like 5 blocks from my house.

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  1. It seems that people don’t realize that once winter hits, it’s time to slow your driving down. There is black ice, compact snow, slush that you don’t have in the summer. Everyone has this “I gotta get there quick!” syndrome when they drive and drive recklessly. I’m glad that your parents are alright. That is the one thing that matters.

  2. Ohh yeah, I’m glad we caught it too! That would’ve been terrible if it’d been the whole floor.
    I’m glad your parents are okay. I would have been totally freaked out too. GAH people need to slow down..

  3. I’m glad that your parents are all right! 😮 Car accidents can really turn nasty, so it’s great to hear that no one was injured.
    The need for car repairs sucks, though. 🙁 My car wasn’t hit, but it just recently had some major problems that were very expensive, so I feel just the same as you when I hear my parents discuss money and how my car has affected things. 🙁 Especially since it’s Christmas season right now, and there are so many things to buy. Dumb cars, heh. :/

  4. Oh goodness. I’m glad they’re alright! It’s been super super icy here today too. in fact, it’s still sleeting. I think school will be cancelled tomorrow. Goodness.

  5. Ehh I hate accidents especially when someone else is at fault. That happened to me and my mum – lights turned green, moved forward, smash. 🙁

    Money is always an issue and I think that as we’re so much younger we do things like worry about ‘adult’ things as we grow up.

    I’m glad your mum’s okay and things are not so hectic. I remember bawling after the crash and screaming like crazy. I wasn’t hurt but paramedics wrapped me with a blanket.. I was only about 10. 😛

  6. so glad about your parents being ok , like I told you last night. i’ve never been in a wreck, but i’m so lucky that i haven’t because david has been in a few, one that was really bad before we were together.

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