@ Kristi – I spent a few hours over two days attempting to find a model car that’s identical (or close to being identical) to Clay’s car for his Christmas present. I asked him what he wanted and he said nothing (typical), so I decided to get him something small. Attempting to find a model Firebird proved to be much more difficult than it probably needed to be, but I found one in the end (many thanks in part to three different Toys R Us sale associates who helped me searched through racks and racks of small diecast cars). Granted, it looks almost nothing like his car, but… I didn’t really care since it was the very last car to be checked in the entire store. Way to be determined, eh?

Not much to report today besides the fact that I baked more cookies with J’s help (I believe that it was approximately 18 or 19 dozen in total… We’re insane, honest.). Also watched last night’s episode of Private Practice (Pete! Violet! Pete & Violet! Sex! Together!), haven’t watched General Hospital yet (tomorrow morning, for sure) and had my power go out this afternoon (that was fun) and I went out for a short walk in the snow (yay for freezing). Tomorrow, I am also likely to go visit my old high school and chat up some of my favourite teachers, as well as watching tv, packaging up cookies in some kind of decorative manner and continue coding a new layout for Ames. Very exciting, I realize.

Questions for today:
1. Which winter holiday do you celebrate, if any?
2. Do you decorate your house for said holiday?
3. Are you finished all of your shopping yet?

My answers:
1. Christmas
2. Usually, but I haven’t yet this year (I don’t know if I am…)
3. Yes ^^

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