I really don’t. I have nothing of significance to say today that would fully encompass the hurt and the disappointment and the anger that I feel at this very moment. It’s almost funny, considering this is really the only time that there’s a genuinely reasonable reason for postponing a date and it’s also the time that I am the most livid about it. Maybe it’s because I’ve been looking forward to seeing him for so long, maybe it’s because I was just really looking forward to being with him and spending time with him. But there’s a really good reason, and I shouldn’t be angry at him. Maybe I should be angry with the weather, maybe I should have a drink and calm down. But I don’t really feel like it at the moment.

There’s just… nothing that I could say right now that can fully express the way that I feel.

That being said, if I were an ice cream flavour, I would be “Bitter Chocolate Disappointment”.

If you were an ice cream flavour, what would you be?

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  1. Gurgh, that sucks. Maybe you’re used to all the lame excuses and it’s a little maybe ‘shocking’ to finally have good reason. I would imagine you sound bitterly disappointed 🙁 Hopefully you’ll get a chance to spend time together soon! So they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder (and ache at the same time).

    I hate ice cream because of this.. metaphor Bearman used to associate me with it. So I would be.. Sour Grape Rage.

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