The cast of characters:
Michelle – the sober one, the one who’s point of view you will be experiencing
K – the host
T – K’s boyfriend
K2 – the girl who drank too much
P – the boy who drank too much (but then was blissfully sober after that)
Z – the boy whom K2 attached herself to
S – the boy who watched many episodes of The Office
S2 – the boy who left early in the morning and thankfully didn’t make too much noise
J – the boy who fetched water for Z
M – the boy who played video games, left early
C – the girl who left early
C2 – M’s girlfriend, drank, but left early

Confused yet…? It’s about to get a lot more convoluted…

The party stayed at 8pm, I got a ride from C to the party since the car that I regularly drive it out of commission (props to my dad’s driving skills and incompetent winter drivers on the road). When we arrived, some people were already there (… I don’t remember whom). But K2 was already there and I sat with K2 and C on the floor while the guys were watching Godzilla (yay for old movies).

I ended up with a drink in hand (Smirnoff, if anyone cares, and it was raspberry) and I learned (thankfully) from my 19th birthday and took tiny little sips. I did try some other drinks (i.e. something that tasted likereally bad key lime pie, among sips of other drinks). Then there was the cake (cheesecake with cranberries – it looked so good) and a bunch of them stayed indoors while (oh boy): K, K2, T, M, C2 and myself went outside to use K’s hot tub. It started snowing, which was kinda pretty in a “Why must it snow??” kind of way. P came out once in a while because he didn’t like being indoors with them while they were all either drinking or playing video games (or both). They made snow angels at random intervals and dashed back into the hot tub. K2 and I decided against it because, well, it was cold.

King’s Cup, the first round, resulted in lots of drinking and C and I watched. To be fair, it’s kind of entertaining. P bowed out after the first round because he was really out of it. He even forgot my name (and he does know me) and was like “Who are you…?” but while he was out of it, he spent quite a bit of time going on and on about how K2 was awesome and pretty and an angel, among other generous compliments that were likely to be alcohol-induced. He eventually sobered up at one point while he was in the bathroom and he comes out, sounding completely sober going “Did I fall asleep in the bathroom?” It would have been precious if I didn’t find it so damn funny to begin with.

C and I watched M playing a game on the Game Cube (oh video games, how I can’t play thee) and it was a bit more entertaining than round 2 of King’s Cup, for sure. Maybe it’s because it’s not the most understandable thing to me? I don’t know. They do make up really interesting rules when they draw the rule card though. Such as, for the round that I watched, they had to speak in the third person only. Then they had to have nicknames that had to be reproductive organs (go knowing this stuff and randomly spouting off suggestions!) and then there couldn’t be any swearing.

Do you realize how funny it is to hear someone go: “Urethra thinks that this fucking sucks [takes a drink]”? Pretty funny. Especially when it got to them randomly catching each other swearing. And then the person who swore initially swears again and then goes another drink from their bottle or cup.

M, C2 and C left (not all at the same time, I believe that M and C2 left first? – C left sometime after midnight, if memory recalls – I wasn’t looking at a clock the entire time) and so I watched The Office with S once it came on.

K2 got pretty.. erm… inebriated. Go her. She ended up snuggling up to Z for the majority of the night. Then she asked him to make out with her. Face meets palm. He resisted, trying to play the ‘good guy’ card with his moralistic ideals and something about how she used to date someone who’s his best friend. And everyone around them were telling him that said ex-boyfriend wouldn’t care. K2 still sounded pretty upset whenever she said “August! He’s been dating her since August!”. Oh boy. But they resisted until sleeping arrangements were made (yay for keeping lips off of one another until then!).

K and T were in her room. J, P and S2 were in the guest bedroom (P ended up coming out to hang out in the room where K2, Z, S and myself were in). K2 and Z were on a mattress together that came off of the couch (yay for handy dandy furniture). They (thankfully? luckily? gratefully…?) had a blanket over them. Granted, it moved a hell of a lot… S, P and I were watching The Office for a bit more. I was receiving text messages on and on for the night from the boyfriend (he even went out in the freezing cold, it’s irrelevant why he was out in the freezing cold – just that he was, for nearly half an hour just to talk to me. It was nice to hear his voice).

I went to bed sometime around 5:30am… Ish. I woke up on and on throughout because… S snores, so does Z. I woke up once at around 7am and couldn’t get back to sleep until about 8am. S2 left at around… 9-ish, I think? Then S’s snoring started again and I just rested my eyes (but didn’t sleep) until about 10am when everyone else was getting up.

Overall, I think it was an awesome party, I had fun. Plenty of awesome memories of drunken antics that I’m sure I’ll remember for a while to come. I know it does get a little confusing after a while (especially with the K and K2!). Unfortunately her present didn’t arrive on time (granted, it was only shipped about a week ago – definitely isn’t making the Christmas rush) but I made her a pair of earrings that she liked, yay. … And I just realized that I didn’t get a photo of them before I gave them away, whoopsies.

And if you read this entire thing, you get a pat on the head and a tonne of snowflakes falling around you (but not on you, because that would be mean).

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  1. Lol, I read the entire thing.
    I wanted to see the night from your point of view.
    Ps, you missed out on such good fun with the snow angels. It feels so good =)

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