I got tagged by Dez!

  1. List five of your favorite bands/artists.
  2. Choose three songs from each band/artist.
  3. If you can find a link to listen to the song at Last.fm or YouTube, post it!
  4. Tag five people.

The Ataris – I can’t find any decent videos for them at all.
IOU One Galaxy
Song for a Mix Tape
Connections Are More Dangerous Than Lies

Jack’s Mannequin
Holiday From Real
Miss California
What Gets You Off?

Alexz Johnson
I Still Love You

Miss You
Swear It Again
Can’t Lose What You Never Had

Dashboard Confessional
This Brilliant Dance
Ghost of a Good Thing

Please ignore my incapabilities of finding decent videos on Youtube.

I tag: Kristi, Cody, Georgina, Lauren and Hannah.

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