… WordPress just ate my entry.

So here’s the shorter, revised entry that holds basically the same information.

Chelle-Chelle.com and AmesRPG.com both got new layouts (ahead of schedule, might I add, as I was planning on getting new layouts and themes up on the 1st) so I decided to put up the new theme here as well. I found out that I’m likely to have plans with the family on the 1st as that’s the day that my sister’s leaving to go back to LA so we’re likely to head out for lunch or something before dropping her off at the airport.

That being said, there’s something else besides a new layout here and that’s Icon Challenges! Icon Challenge #1 is really easy to start things off nicely. Just one 100×100 icon about your favourite television show.

I also talked on the phone with the boyfriend for about an hour today. He made me smile.

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  1. Awww purple! I love the new layout!

    I suck at icons; it makes me laugh. I might have a go in your next one. *cringe*

    Looks like everyone’s busy for new year. 😛 I love the red and black at CCcom!

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