Has anyone else been having a lazy day today besides me? My laziness may be coupled with the fact that I’ve been sniffling all day. Oh, plus I opened a new bottle of body wash today and it’s a brand that I’ve used before and loved so I bought the same product with a different scent. Apparently coconut does not agree with me? My arms and legs (where the body wash made contact with first) got really warm first, then started itching like mad. Thankfully I had the sense to stop using it and switched to regular soap. But my arms and legs are still very itchy (especially my fingers!). At least I didn’t do my back, I can’t imagine how much added discomfort it would be for me since I wouldn’t be able to reach it very well. Yay for random allergic reactions? Next time I’m most definitely sticking with the green apple scent, at least that didn’t cause me to break out into a rash. I hope it gets better by tomorrow…

And in happier news, buyers have been finding me to buy my biology textbooks! I have two buyers lined up for two different books ($45 for one and $100 for the other). I got a profit from the first one of $10 but I’m taking a nearly $40 loss on the second one as I had to buy that one brand new as it it was a new edition that the prof insisted we needed in order to use the questions in the book (not available in the older edition) for marks. I’m just glad I have buyers! I can free up some shelf space, maybe go and get my English anthology books that I need.

Icon challenges are still going on! The deadline is January 9th.

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  1. Woo congrats on getting buyers!

    That sucks about the rash. I am sort of allergic to coconut when I eat it. But I think it may be wearing off. Hope the rash gets better! It’s been a while since I’ve had one of those.

  2. Ouch. I hate reactions to soaps and such. I hope it doesn’t turn into anything too bad. Yay for getting buyers for your textbooks! 😀

  3. Michelle! I’m back! (from an awkwardly long hiatus that no one heard about..)

    Random allergic reactions are a pain! I’m allergic to Tropicana sunscreen, for some unknown reason, and found out the hard way. You are SO lucky you didn’t put that stuff on your back, it’s the WORST!!

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