I’m scanning my computer for the 2nd time today. Why the second time?

The first time came up with three detected malware (all in my temporary internet files folder) so I put those into quarantine, emptied out that folder and now I’m doing it again just to make sure since I’m not a fan of having my computer crash on me in the event that it decides to go haywire because of some random file that was missed.

But it’s nice to know that Avira AntiVir works since it did catch something? Granted, being on the internet and then having a pop-up going “A malware has been detected” three times in a row was kind of an “oh shit” moment.

I think it’s my computer’s way of telling me that I should be studying biology. But it’s kind of difficult to study biology when the note are online and the antivirus program keeps on popping up on me.

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