I got excellent news this morning in my inbox. The first bit is that Chapters has shipped my order in two parcels (1 has 3 paperbacks, 1 has a giant, oversized hardcover). I can track the process of those two packages (that were shipped today) online via my Chapters account. The second is that Bestbuy has shipped my order (a very delayed, and very much anticipated belated Christmas gift from my parents – but on my credit card) of my camera (comes with an extra battery and a camera case – the sale price I purchased it at was $200, it’s currently on the website for $250, whew!) as of this morning. Both packages are starting off in Ontario and both companies have issued tracking numbers for my lovely packages. Granted, you know, because they’ve only be shipped today, Canada Post tells me that they don’t know the tracking number because their servers are only updated once a day. Now I’m just curious about which package will arrive first: the camera or one of the book packages?

Questions for you:
1. When’s the last time that you received mail? (Bills and phamplets addressed to the occupant do not count!)
2. When’s the last time that you’ve sent mail?

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  1. Oooh let’s guess which will come first..! I shall guess the camera.

    1. Mail.. ahoo. Funny that, because I just asked that question on my blog. Something similar anyway, about WHOM sent it. Well, I received my HSC certificates two days ago. I get a lot from the universities and all now. It’ll be so degrading if I don’t get in 😛

    2. Ha. You got me there. My gosh. I think it might have been five years ago when I was thirteen. Had some dodgy Japanese penpal. We exchanged a bit. Then it just stopped.

  2. I hope you packages arrive soon!! 😀

    The last thing I got was my camera two days ago.
    The last thing I sent was a bunch of Christmas Thank-You cards.

  3. 1. Ummm… last week? or maybe the week before? Something like that. It was from my family’s sponsored child…

    2. Today. =D For a penpal.

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