I have these conversations with my sister a lot about how when one when of us moves out, the other is going to follow suit. Kind of like a packaged deal, one daughter leaves and the other one flaps her wings as well and flees the nest. The only thing stopping me is the cost of rent and the only thing stopping her is that she hasn’t found a place that she likes that’s a) affordable, b) remotely close to where she works or c) nice enough and not covered in mold and mildew. But we do like to dream quite a bit so we both look through decorating websites and furniture websites to see the kinds of things that we’d like to one day own. There’s just so many options, especially with today’s contemporary styles, that sometimes it’s difficult to find whole sets that you like or just pieces that you think would actually look good together.

She really likes the more contemporary style, like Conservatory Furniture, which includes things like wicker chairs that can rock while I’m more likely to pick more classic, versatile furniture that I could consider painting one day or it’d be easy to move from room to room without giving me the urge to change it in some drastic way. 2furnish, a company located in UK, has so many pieces that my sister liked when I showed her the website. She really likes the coffee table (although neither of us drink coffee, that’s perfectly okay!) and the small side tables. I can definitely see her wanting to get pieces like those ones (or those ones, exactly) when she gets her own place. Unfortunately she doesn’t own her own place (or rent) yet so she’s not likely to go out and buy furniture from overseas, but overall they’re great looking pieces and I think it’d be great to have one of those couches in a room with a lot of light so I could just lie there and read a book. Girls can dream, after all, right?

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  1. The coffee tables look pretty nice even though I’m not a huge fan of wicker furniture.

    As for dreaming about furniture…It’s okay I do it too. I spent a few hours the other day looking at bookcases, and desks.

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