Charging mp3 player for tomorrow/rest of the week – check.
Chocolate (white chocolate with mint chocolate swirled in) – check.
Cup of tea, almost done – check.
Classic music, on low – check.
English lit readings for tomorrow – check.
Blanket around me – check.
Roleplaying posts for the night – check.
Downloaded new assignment – check. (So not doing it tonight though…)
Vibrating cell phone with 1 unread text message – check. (Reading it when I get this done!)

How has your Tuesday been?

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  1. My tuesday was blah. Had class pretty much from 9am to 7pm.

    MMMm would you get mad if I stole your chocolate? Err well jk I just reread that it’s white chocolate haha! White chocolate ain’t my thing :P…so you get to keep it haha!

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