So while I was utilizing my very awesome morning off from my biology lab (still love my TA for that!), I decided not to hang around at home because I can’t get much studying done there when my dad’s around since he’s always there and hovering and wanting to know what I’m doing and randomly comes up with things for me to explain to him. And so I’m at school (hours early, but I’ve reviewed all of my psychology notes since the beginning of the term, so it’s been productive) and I just opened my computer so I could plug my headphones in for the music since there’s some songs that I haven’t downloaded onto my mp3 player yet and then M from my bio lab (who didn’t read his email, shame on him!) finds me and starts talking to me about Valentine’s Day and his awesome valentines day ideas for his date with his new girlfriend. Erm, let me correct that: his second date with his new girlfriend. So he wants to make a good impression so of course he asks me for my suggestions to make his awesome plans even better.

I mean, I don’t really have much to go on since this year will be the first year that I’m spending it with someone that I’m actually dating but all the previous Valentine’s Days, I’ve spent it blissfully single or celebrating Single Awareness Day (or Single’s Awareness Day, depending on how you’d like to word it, same difference to me). Beyond buying carnations (overpriced carnations) at my high school when I was attending for them to be delivered to my friend during her class, I didn’t really do much. However, my best Valentine’s memory is when I found out that her friend (who was in her class at the time) went and bit the flower straight off of the stem and she told me about it afterwards. Not quite what I had in mind when I decided to send her one, but it was funny nonetheless.

But since I’m pretty much a newbie at celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone (wow, that makes me sound pathetic), there’s quite a few ideas that I did find online. Like simple dinner recipes (that are mostly red themed in terms of sauces or the main ingredients), cupcake ideas (and we all know how much I love those! I’m always interested in new cupcake designs and recipes, so I’ll probably give them a try.) and I even found an entire page on how to do a Twilight-themed Valentine’s Day party. Kind of over the top, but if you’re into vampires and Edward Cullen, it’s definitely something that you should look into over at

I showed my friend the website and he just went “But that’s all just so much work!”. Men…

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  1. Aww, a newbie.. Well, I don’t know what I’ll be doing this year on Feb 14 – last year was the first year in a while that I’d gotten a rose (yep and just like the ones you buy at school to be delivered..). This year it’s on a Saturday but who knows if I’ll be allowed out – I could be stuck at home. James has ruined everything saying he’ll drop by with flowers. Nooooooooooo.

    At least you have some vague-ish ideas? 😛 I mean, I’m a n00b too. ^_^

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