I have a question for everyone (the general public, in general), but it needs a bit of an explanation first.

I have a friend who told me today that he/she (attempting not to disclose a gender to this friend, ugh, I’m going to kick myself for this effort later) went to¬† strip club over the weekend another friend. Then he/she watches my face like I’m supposed to suddenly be super disgusted or super elated for them that they decided to do this. Keep in mind that I know that he/she is currently in a relationship and I’m really just like “That’s nice, did you have fun?” and he/she looks at me like I’m absolutely insane and goes “You’re not mad? Really?”

Why would someone that I am not in a relationship with think that I would be mad or angry over their extra-curricular activities? Why would someone that I am not in a relationship with think that I would kinda care over how they spend their hard-earned money?

Hell, if the Boy told me that he went to a strip club with a friend, I don’t think that I’d particularly care. Unless, of course, he canceled a date with me for it. In which case I’d get pissed off just on principle.

If someone that you know told you that they went to a strip club (or some other legal adult establishment), what kind of response do you think that you would give?

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  1. Well, if I were your friend, I’d expect you to feel disgusted in the slightest.

    Cancelling a date though, calls for the introduction of a foot to a backside.

    However if a friend told me that, it depends who. I mean, most of my friends I’d have a pretty shocked reaction to. There’s probably the odd one or two I’d say ‘ahh.. typical’ – or just sigh.

  2. if someone canceled a date to go to one then I’m be mad but just to go just to go see whats all about.. I wouldn’t care if I was with someone or not.

  3. LOL depends on who. If someone like S told me that I’d probably fall over and say “YOU DID WHAT?!” but it really depends otherwise I’d be like “good for you?”

  4. Well, personally, if one of my friends went to a strip club, I wouldn’t particularly care. I mean, it’s not my cup of tea, but it’s their choice, right? Whatever, I say.

    It’s weird that your friend expected some great reaction. o.O

  5. I would be the strange one and complain ‘What the hell…. why did you not call me up so I could go too?’ lol…really I would. I go on occasion. I am a pretty open-minded person. I think of it this way… the women have what I have and it is a place for my guy friends to hang out that I love to hang with… so I go.

    However, I would be mad if my date would cancel over that…an again say, why did they not bring me. I think people do not realize that these times are not like before. The world itself is going through a long sexual revolution and redefining what is proper or not.

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