I got a phone call this morning at (I just checked my cell phone for this) 5:29am. Very early, considering I technically don’t need to be awake by 11am (but I usually am, out of habit). It’s one of my friends from school (N) who also happens to be dating one of my other friends from school (J). Now, I’m better friends with J (the girlfriend) than I am with N (the boyfriend) because I met her first, but he’s still pretty cool.

He calls. He asks if he woke me up (… really? You need to ask that?) and then tells me that he ha something important to tell me. I was too tired to comprehend this so I went “Sure, go ahead.”

Then he proceeds to tell me that he just cheated on J.

My reply was “You realize that I’m better friends with her than I am with you, right?”

Want to know what he said in response to that? I bet you want to know…

“Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m telling you, so you can tell her instead of me.”

What kind of BS is this? He tells me that he’s cheated on his girlfriend (whom he says that he loves, by the way, they’ve been dating for over four years now) because he knows that I’m better friends with her and wants me to tell her instead of him having to do it himself. I really don’t see the logic in it. I’m not her best friend, I don’t really talk to her that much outside of school and IM, I kind of ignore them making out while I’m in class and he’s sitting in on the lecture. He even told me that it would be a ‘good idea’ for me to tell her today during one of the classes that we share together.

He can do his own dirty work.

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  1. Wow. Whoa. Total jerk-off, much? What are you going to do about this whole thing? I mean, yes, the best thing is to make him tell her himself, but what if he doesn’t and you don’t? He’ll just keep playing her. I would give him a deadline, and if he hasn’t told her himself by that time I would do it myself. Better to do someone’s dirty work for them than let a friend be led on and eventually hurt.

  2. Wow, that’s really low. And I mean low. What a jerk! First, he has the gall to cheat on her, and then he doesn’t have the decency to man up to it! I hope she dumps him — no woman deserves that crappy of treatment. 🙁

  3. That just blows my mind. I’ve never heard of something so underhanded and lame as this. I’m surprised he could find his balls to cheat on her with as much as a wuss as he sounds like. Ok that was vulgar, but he deserves it.

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