So Valentine’s Day went well. I wore a black dress that I bought last summer (and never gotten around to wearing) and I’d mentioned it to Clay that I was probably going to be a little dressy, so he dressed up as well. I gave him sugar cookies (as mentioned in my last entry) and he gave me chocolate-covered marshmallows and a book (Dream Warrior by Sherrilyn Kenyon). Yay, chocolate, marshmallows and smutty romance. He knows me so well, hehe.

We had to drive around to find a restaurant. It took a while to find someplace that didn’t have a minimum hour wait or had a set Valentine’s Day menu. I was so ready to give up that I even told him that we should just consider a drive thru or something and then he says that we should just check one more restaurant. Of course, this happens to be a restaurant with a very short wait and we’re seated within about 5 minutes and had an excellent time. They had really good service as well we kept on getting more bread and I kept on getting more soup (which came with the dish that I ordered). And he was impressed because he found something on the menu that he loved and would actually consider going back to the restaurant for.

It was pretty good. We hung out in his car and talked for a really long time. It’d been a long while seen we’d seen each other, and despite daily texting and phone calls every few days, there’s a lot that we don’t get to talk about. So we did that. I got home by 12:08am today and… yeah, it was a good night.

Today I was woken up at 10am because I was supposed to be up already to go shopping with my friend C. I ended up getting picked up close to 11am is and we headed out to go shopping. We went to an awesome bead shop. I picked out approximately $18 worth of beads. Her total was a tad higher than mine… I bet the bead shop people just loved her by the time her total was calculated. We caught a bus to head somewhere further into the city and we eventually ended up just walking and we ended up getting hot dogs from a street vendor (licensed and all, right on the side of the cart) and we sat on a park bench to people-and-dog watch.

At one point, she was adjusting her jacket (or something like that) and was standing up. This guy comes along and goes “You look like you’re a polite girl. I’m polite. I’m not from around here, I’m from Halifax. Are you from around here? See, I need another $4 to get a room at the [insert organization name here]. Could you help me out? Every little bit helps!” (there were some side commentary from my friend and I during this). Then I go “Sorry, I don’t have any change at the moment” and he goes on about how we’re not polite. Then he moves onto the next park bench and the woman says something and then he goes “Fuck you!”

We went into a coffee shop at that point as my friend thought he had spat on her inadvertently while speaking to her. Ew, I know. So she washed up and then bought coffee, I inhaled the scent of coffee while we waited (yay for silent suffering…? Heh…). Then we headed out and went and saw Confessions of a Shopaholic (came out on February 13th). So. Damn. Good. I mean, for romantic comedy it was really good. A lot of the things that occured did occur in the book series (it covers the first two books), some of the characters’ roles were slightly changed, but yeah… Good movie all around. Great chick flick for you and your friends (if you’re into that sort of thing). Isla Fisher definitely takes the spotlight in the movie as the main character (Rebecca). I’m going to stop before I start sounding like an advertisement, but it was an excellent movie. And the guy who plays Luke Brandon? Not that bad on the eyes…

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  1. Luke Brandon is yummy. XP I can’t wait to go see that movie! 😀

    I’m glad to hear that your Valentine’s went well! It sounds like you had a very nice evening. ^_^

    And that wandering guy didn’t sound very polite at all. XD I would have been a bit creeped out if he was talking to me. And walked away very quickly.

  2. I laughed when I read the part about the guy. He seem’s kind of silly. I would’ve just given him a dollar cause he sounded.. funny. ><
    I wish I got chocolate and marshmellows!

  3. That guy sounds creepy glad you didn’t talk to him for that long..

    I haven’t gone bead shopping in ages, I’m sure if I did go, I’d purchase a lot.

    Glad you had fun with Clay.

  4. I’m glad your Valentine’s night was lovely! Black dresses are forever a favorite of my mine. I can’t stand long waits at restaurants though! Glad you found a quicker place.

    Eh, what a sketchy guy! I get a lot of similar experiences like that in Berkeley, where there are many homeless folk and a lot of people traveling on a limited budgets. So I’m used to it, I suppose. You and your friend handled it well though. He sounded almost humorous!

    I love coffee. XD

  5. Did Clay not make reservations a month ahead of time? :3 all in all, sounds like a lovely night. It’s great you guys managed to find that restaurant, everything was so PACKED last night in my area!

    And that’s happened to me too, some guy was all, “I need money for gas!” but… like… we were nowhere near a gas station and he didn’t appear to have a car either. I just handed him a dollar, like, “Here, take a buck and get the fuck out of my face, man.”

  6. Odd, I’ve heard one person say that Confessions of a Shopaholic is good but not great.

    haha at least you found a restaurant in the end. I’ve never had that problem.. James and I always go on the quiet days. And he always insists I pick something, even though he wants his chicken curry soup all the time while I always pick the beef rice noodle soup.. we always share because I can never eat a whole meal. Hahaha.

    That guy sounds odd and a little creepy. I hate giving money and all.. there was this time someone was giving out books on religion and asked for donations. I gave just 80 cents – it was all I had – and she said ‘excuse me, I hope you don’t mind if I give you a smaller book’. Hahahaha.

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