I went shopping today. At BestBuy. The weird thing is that they had this display of the dvds right by the door and the prices were $22.99 and $27.99 (regular and BlueRay). And the thing is, that’s just the ‘regular’ dvd sets. The box set (… pictured below) that was advertised as a ‘BestBuy Exclusive!’ was $17.99 and came with things besides just the dvd… but it was hidden behind the display of regular (and more expensive) dvds… I noticed that the price was off and got confused until I spotted the cheaper sets. My sister and I saw this mom and her daughter looking at the dvds and picking them up and we pointed out the cheaper ones to them and they thanked us. They got into the line-up for the cash register right after us too (the woman ahead of us with her two teenaged girls also had the same movie). And now I have a promo code for a ‘custom TEGO skin’ for either a cell phone or an mp3 player… Now to just decide what Twilight image I want on my electronics…






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  1. That is so awesome. I wish amazon had the option to buy the box set. They don’t have it 🙁 Which sucked. The bluray I thought didn’t come out until May? Maybe it’s just the collectors edition.

  2. Gotta love when places do that… at least you found the cheaper one 😀

    I still have yet to have any interest in Twilight… I just might have to watch and see what all the buzz is about.

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