I’m about to leave for volunteering (in about 7 minutes, I might end up walking… It looks really nice out today!). But I felt the need to write something really quick. And all I really have to say today is this: coming to the realization of how much of a ‘priority’ I am to the people who are supposed to care is kind of an eyeopener. Mostly because… I’m not.

So, note to self: change that. Somehow. Or just change the people that I make a priority in my life. Easy as pie, right? Not so much.


  1. Who in your life takes you for granted?
  2. What kind of pie do you like?

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  1. 1) My parents I guess

    2)PUMPKIN! I’m addicted. I ate some yesterday. Just talking about it makes me feel like buying more T^T.

  2. 1. I think I take people for granted more than they take me for granted…

    2. Chicken Pot Pie or Pumpkin Pie… Depends if the Chicken Pie has a honey glaze. =P

  3. 1. My best friends I think.. i’ve been there for them but i’ve not really had the same in return.
    2. Steak and ale, or steak and mushroom.. or steak, ale and mushroom mmm

  4. I love the photo you’ve used for this layout. It’s gorgeous. 🙂

    1. Who in your life takes you for granted?
    Hmmm…. can’t think of anyone atm.

    2. What kind of pie do you like?
    Apple and cherry.


  5. 1. I think there are a lot of people who take me for granted, so basically everyone in my life except for 3 or 4 people.

    2. Pumpkin, disregarding the fact that it’s the only pie I’ve ever had. >.>

  6. Oh wow! I like that image.. it’s so very pretty *pets*

    Who in your life takes you for granted?
    – I want to say my Husband did.

    What kind of pie do you like?
    – Custard! Pumpkin, pecan, cherry..what pie DON’T I like is the better question.

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