Truth. People always want the truth. The truth will set you free… And blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You ask someone what they think of your hair, your makeup, your clothes, your shoes, your car, your personality and that really lame joke that you said five seconds ago. You ask someone to tell you what they honestly think and then they come back with how the hair stylist screwed up your bangs, your eyeshadow is too light, your clothes just suck, your shoes are knock-offs and crappy ones at that, your car should be towed away ASAP and is a hazard to my eyesight, your personality is non-existent and that joke? Please, never say a word again. Wait, that’s a lie. What they’ll really say is that your hair cut and makeup looks just like [insert actress/actor’s name here]. Your clothes? Fits you like a dream and your shoes? Fabulous! You obviously have an awesome car, even if it’s hideous and barely runs. You’ve got a super unique personality that anyone would kill to have and, of course, that joke? Hilarious! Do tell me more!

But… on the flip side. You expect your friends to be honest with you when you’ve got something stuck between your teeth. Especially when it’s something green. You expect the dentist to be remotely honest with you regarding if you need braces (given that they cost the same as a small island, maybe). You expect your parents to be honest to you about your family members, about family vacations, about some past event that occurred when you were under a year old. You expect your teachers and professors to be telling you the truth about chemical reactions, the history of some random author, that one plus one really equals two. You expect the person that you’re dating to tell you truth regarding any events that may or may not influence your relationship, no matter how bad it may be. And sometimes it’s not that bad. And sometimes it is.

Some people will say little white lies for everything, just enough to make themselves look good. Others will exaggerate everything as far as they can. One centimeter becomes ten, gaining a pound becomes “I’m the size of a blue whale”. Some people are painfully honest. They feel like crap when they say the wrong thing, when they do the wrong thing, when they admit to saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing. That vase that belonged to their mom that went missing when they were seven? They confess on their sixteenth birthday that they smashed it when a ball and it’s buried in the hall closet in a box behind the winter coats and they’ll confess right before blowing out the candles.

My sister? She confesses to lying. My other sister? Well, I’m still not pleased with her so I’ll call her anything I want right now. And me? I’m generally glass half full, or glass overfilling. Generally. That being said, there’s some things that you don’t… expect to hear. There are some things that you don’t expect to see. There are some things that you’re not sure how to react to, how to respond to and you’re just not sure why… things happen the way that they do. Hindsight is dreadfully 20/20 and you can always look back and pin point the things that foreshadowed the events. You can look back and draw attention to all the things that make you go “Ohhh, see, that’s where you should have stopped” or “I totally knew that wasn’t a good idea”. You can do that with a lot of things.

You can tell yourself that you should have studied more, but it was the season finale of something the day before. You can tell yourself that you shouldn’t have bought that dress, but oh, it was half price! You can tell yourself that cupcakes fit neatly into the grains food group because of the flour. Or… You can try telling yourself the truth. Because no matter how much it may hurt… Yeah, I have nothing for you right now.

[Oh hey, long tangent. If you’re confused as to ‘why’… It’s a long story. I hope everyone had a good Monday, start of the work week and all. And have a good Tuesday.

@ Heather & Dane – That would be a ‘Bob-omb’, it’s a character from the Mario games, one of the evil ones that blows up… Hence the fuse. The boyfriend loves video games so it seemed like a good choice.]

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  1. Goodness, Michelle! You just made me think big time.
    It is interesting though… Both truth and lies hurt. Either way someone gets upset, but all in all it’s honesty that frees you.

    I hope everything is okay.

    And Bob-omb is rather cute. 🙂

  2. i find its hard to tell the truth/white lie without making me or the other person feel bad. Even if it frees me.

    Love the bob-omb.

  3. I have to admit that you really made me wonder about the story behind this entry. Because there is a story I pressume? Anyway, even if I didn’t get to hear it this was still a very interesting entry.

    It’s interesting how some people say that they never lie but we all do sometimes. Because many times even if people ask you for your honest opinion they really don’t want to hear it. They just hope you’ll tell them what they want to hear. At least I’m guilty to that.

    Anyway, good post.

  4. Did I totally miss something? Sometimes you get into rants to..rant and sometimes theres reason behind it and that’s when I worry. This is me worrying o.o


  5. Truth and lies both hurt but I think lies hurt more . Truth hurts for shorter period of time I think than a lie but sometimes a white lie is necessary. If someone tells you to keep a secret and someone asks you about it you can’t really blab about it…I don’t know if my comment made sense or not.

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