Ahhh, work’s been so exciting lately. I spend a lot of time scanning in documents. One. At. A. Time. And I can’t use the photocopier to scan them all in quickly because of the fact that there’s different sizes of pages, different weights of paper (so the photocopier will probably pick up more than one of the thinner sheets at a time, plus there’s stains and rips and tears and water damage and that’d just jam the photocopier some more. So… Scanning in documents one at a time. While attempting to do other things. Like making awesome tables, taking photographs of things that I’m not all too familiar with and attempting to explain them… It’s great fun, really. I swear the only thing that’s keeping me sane right now is that people talk to me and I have music in my cubicle (hello, headphones!). I think if I didn’t have either, I’d just fall asleep right at my desk.

In other news, yesterday was the provincial election for British Columbia (… where I live). It was from 8am-8pm for Pacific time and I believe 9am-9pm for people closer to the Rockies? Yay for two time zones! But yeah, so after work I went to a local school and voted in a little cardboard booth in a gymnasium. The election affected both provincial government and future voting practices. The BC Liberals won their third majority government in a row (with Gordon Campbell as the premier again – I wonder how many hospitals will get closed in the next four years this time around?) and the people of BC voted against STV (the new election practices). I was disppointed in the way that the campaigning was held. NDP spent all of their time bashing the Liberals and little time highlighting their platform. Liberals… I’m not quite sure what they were doing most of the time. Green was a non-entity and failed have a single person elected (… not very surprised though). So yes, nothing changed… And… Yeah. So if you knew nothing about the BC provincial elections, now you know and you can bring something up at the dinner table and sound very informed.

And in reference to my last entry… Yes, something did happen. Yes, I was incredibly vague and didn’t actually hint at it. So far, there hasn’t been a whole lot of people that I’ve mentioned it to. And I would prefer not to talk about it. (… I know, me, I talk about everything, but not this. So almost everything.) But… everything is going to be okay, I think. So not to worry!

Oh, and to end off with something that pisses me off. My dad’s currently no working. He has access to a car while everyone else (my mom, my sister and myself) are at work. He doesn’t do a whole lot around the house. He doesn’t do the dishes, the laundry, the vacuuming, anything. All the grocery shopping gets done on the weekends. And I guess last weekend, there wasn’t a whole lot of vegetables that got bought. So today, for dinner, my dad cooked (as per usual, so I guess he does that…) and there was a huge dish of meat (chicken, for those curious) and…  well, there were bell peppers that were sliced up. Two bell peppers. For… dinner for four plus it’s supposed to be enough for vegetables for three lunches tomorrow (my mom, my sister and myself). I mean, I love bell peppers… But two isn’t enough for what amounts to seven portions when my dad picks up the plate and pushes half of it into his bowl. It’s not like he’s incapable of driving, he can (although he did get into that accident that results in the car I drive being really sore on my eyes…). And it’s not like we can’t afford buying fresh vegetables. I wonder what we’re going to do tomorrow… I bet he’ll open a can of vegetable soup and call it a day.

So cheers! How was your Wednesday?

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  1. Oh boy.. scanning documents one at a time.. sign me up! Having music while you work, though, is a definite plus.

    I’m sorry about whatever went on? If I got online more maybe we could discuss it but alas, I cannot. When I get my own apartment though, I certainly will and itll be like old times *big hug*

    Ah yes, your father. You know how I feel about him >< *gives you lots of fresh, yummy veggies* XD

  2. Sucks you have to scan documents on at a time =( . It must take forever

    I also was disappointed about how the election went. The Liberals and NDP how they conducted they campaign just irked me. And it probably irked a lot of other people too considering the low voter turn out.

    Haha, my Dad does the same thing. He doesn’t vaccum, take out trash or cook meals. And because my Mom can’t I end up doing pretty much everything including his dishes =_=. Ha, my Dad thinks that things that come out of a can IS cooking.Some days he doesn’t want to “cook” dinner for himself.

  3. Hahah. Jay is actually someone online *shifty eyes*. I’ll tell you some time 😉

    Your dad is being rather silly there. I mean, my dad eats a lot, but he usually finishes the leftovers rather than taking some so no one can have any.

    Ugh. I hate scanning. I don’t know how you can more than one at a time though… but poo. Photocopiers are so mechanic. 🙁

    I find actual scanning (putting it through to the computer screen) a pain. It takes forever O-o

    I do not follow politics but I can tell you that here we have Greens as well and they usually fail too. :3 When I turn 18 this month though; I will have to vote somewhere in the election things O.o

    Just thought I’d mention how fast your site loads even if my internet is capped! <3

  4. Your work sounds extremely boring! Scanning documents doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. How many hours did you spend scanning documents? Do you do the same thing every day?

  5. My dad doesn’t do much housework either. He doesn’t even eat a lot of meals at home, it’s like he prefers restaurant crap and it irritates the hell out of all of us. Plus he’s fiscally irresponsible; I’m lucky I can even afford community college.

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