I’d like to start off today with a question for you all: Have you ever used an electric bug swatter?

There’s one at work. It looks like a child’s toy and the appearance is a black plastic handle and a lime green plastic shaft and circular bit around the swatting bit. The difference between this and a regular bug swatter (besides it’s obvious mini-tennis racket-like appearance) is the fact that there are metal rods across the swatting area… and it takes two double-A batteries. There’s this little button on the side that you have to press when you want to be swatting at flying insects. The room that I used to spend loads of time in (prior to acquiring my cubicle) gets a lot of flies. So, last year, my boss bought an electric bug swatter. We didn’t put batteries into it until last week.

And today there was a massive fly in the room. And it kept on flying around my head. So, sighing, I went to get the plastic racket and waited for the fly to come towards me again and then I kind of hit at the fly like I would a tennis ball and then there was this loud cracking sound (from when the fly hit the metal bars). I was a little surprised at that. I expected maybe a soft crackling sound, from the electricity, but not a loud cracking sound. So I look down to see where the fly is, so I can use a tissue to dispose of it and I just see this huge (HUGE! At least the size of a loonie – that’s a $1 Canadian coin, for those who aren’t familiar) spider. Evidently, I hit the fly and it fell into the strands of a spider’s web. So this spider’s darting out and wrapping up a tasty little (and I’m assuming fried) meal that I inadvertently provided for it.

See, the ironic thing is that while I get easily annoyed at the flies in the room… But spiders freak me out even more. And it ran away before I could step on it (with it’s fried fly meal).

So I’m pretty sure there’s a lesson in all of this. And it probably goes something like “Request that someone vacuum up all the spiders… then go and zap the flies”. Or something.


  1. What makes your skin crawl? (Doesn’t have to be bugs!)
  2. What was the last thing that you fed that wasn’t a human?

My answers:

  1. Spiders… A lot of bugs… I’m fond of some creepy crawlies though. Like ladybugs, bees and worms (they count, yes?).
  2. A huge (HUGE!) spider at work.

3 Responses

  1. AHG! I SO would have screamed and shrieked and sobbed in that situation. I absolutely hate spiders… And mosquitoes… And just anything of the sort. Because I live next to a wilderness park, we have a lot of bugs. I’ve lived here my entire life, yet I’ve never gotten over my extreme fear…


    I fed my puppy Belle some almond butter about an hour ago! 😉

  2. Oh my gosh I couldn’t have handled that. We used to have one of those huge bug zappers on the side of our house. It made a big “BZZZ” every time it zapped a bug and I used to get all upset because we were murdering the bugs so my mom took it down.

    1. Bugs make my skin crawl… especially spiders. I’ll scream until someone takes it away and even then I don’t believe them.

    2. My cat, Moko!

  3. LOL just the other day a massive spider went across the living room. I went to get it and I missed D: .

    The last thing I fed was myself to a spider. I got another spider bite on my leg. I swear mosquitoes, and spiders love eating me.

    As for fear. I’m not afraid of most insects. I just dislike them being on me or my things. Like house spiders…Totally a myth. All spiders and insects belong outdoors.

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