8:00-12:00 – Meeting at work, very long (“Oh, Michelle, it’s only going to be an hour!”) and… long. And we went around in circles over the same topic for four hours. (But getting paid to sit in a meeting for four hours, always kind of nice.)

12:00-12:30 – Lunch break!

12:30-12:45 – Getting things ready to go off to Building B.

12:45-1:oo – Driving, carrying a large box from the far side of the parking lot to the front door to go through reception (whoot – I also parked in direct sunlight, so guess who baked while heading back to Building A?)

1:00-2:05 – Meeting at Building B, talking to people over there, keeping them “in the loop” (I hate that phrase) on the project (but everyone uses that phrase in emails whenever they’re going “thanks for keeping me in the loop!”).

2:05-2:15 – Driving at Building A, parked in the shade (whoot).

2:15-2:45 – Keeping my boss “in the loop” about what happened at Building B. He was distracted, I explained some things at least 5 times to him. Within that time frame, and later. A little bit of walking around, asking people questions, etc.

2:45-3:50 – Drowning in papers at my desk, I flailed my arms a few times and made T and J laugh. Apparently I’m “just so cute and adorable”.

3:50-4:30 – Printing papers (5 min – the printer is sloooooooooooow), talking with the boss and my mom (who has the same boss as me, by the way).

4:35 – Got buzzed at (thanks, love) because I’m wearing my ‘bee shirt’ (i.e. yellow and brown stripes).

I usually don’t have two meetings in one day. I usually don’t attend any meetings that actually goes on for 4 (four!) hours. I have, however, been spending a lot of time traveling between the two buildings, a lot of talking with people that I didn’t know six weeks ago, a lot of emailing people and getting feedback or reminding people that they owe me feedback on things that they promised that they would read (and then they’ll give me a look that says “Oh right, that…”).

What I didn’t mention is that I went and got candy like 3 times after I got back to Building A. There’s this great person at work who’ll stock candy at her desk and it’s basically “go ahead and take some if you’d like”. So I went ate… Swedish berries, Swedish fish, gummy bears, gummy cherries, peach rings and…. gummy bears. Which sounds like a lot, I realize. But it was only like… a little bit. Honest. I have a bit of a sweet tooth, I’m afraid. Luckily I don’t cavities often. And that’s why people invented toothpaste and toothbrushes, awesome.

So… Describe to me, in general, a day of work or school or life in general for you. You don’t need to mention every single time you took a breath, because I’m pretty sure, most people don’t count.

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  1. Your dad isn’t the only one who buzzes at you when you wear the bee shirt? Teehee =)
    Also, I’m not going to attempt a general day. My life is without a general schedule. The only thing that stays the same is the time to take pills and having school on Thursday and Friday.

  2. Two buildings seems inconvient.

    For take your kids to work day they decided to make me run back and forth between the court and law buildings

  3. Haha, sounds like quite the busy day. 🙂 As boring as the meeting was, at least it’s nice to get paid to honestly do nothing! That’s how I feel about our “training” videos. 😛 And super hooray for the candy! Swedish fish and gummy bears are some of my favorites. :3

    I work as a cashier at a “super” convenience store: I typically work five to six hour shifts, four times a week. I get there, clock in, dump any personal things in the employee lounge, and then head to the money room to get my till. I get on whichever register I’m assigned for the evening, check out people’s orders for two and a half hours (all the while chatting with nice people or their kids, or ignoring and mentally abusing the rude people). I get a fifteen minute break, where I either sit in the employee lounge and eat/text/play with my phone or I go to the garden section to hang out with some of the nice guys there. Back on register for the rest of my shift. Ten minutes before I need to clock out, I head back to the money room, count my till, check with a manager that I’m not missing anything, and turn in my money.

    The only variations are if I’m a “breaker”, where I’ll swap around registers and give my coworkers their breaks, and the occasional times I need to go back to HR (Human Relations) to watch a training video. (Which are usually very cheesy and boring. But I’m getting paid to sit for half an hour, sometimes a bit more, and to secretly text. XD) All in all, it’s not a big job for minimum wage. 😛 And sometimes the cashiers next to me are fun to talk to, so we chat when things are a bit slow.

  4. I have a sweet tooth, LOL! I take lollipops from work all the time; so bad. XD

    Four hour meetings remind me of James’s extremely long lectures at university. Only about two hours, but, woah. O-o

    The sun is actually coming out here! It has been raining for the past week.

    So, I work in an education centre. I start at 3.15… usually I’m early from uni, so I do a sudoku or eat while I’m waiting. Then I go inside and then I set up the tables and stuff. And… the children come in.

    I have to check students’ homework if there is any. There’s usually a whole basket. But while the kids are doing classwork, they need to get their work marked so they put it in the inbox. (Hehee.) Then I mark it and put it in the outbox. (Hehee.)

    The classwork gets first priority because the children have to go home and it’s not good having so many children in the centre. But it’s hard to finish marking all the homework – there’s usually a lot of it. That’s why there are many of us XD

    After marking homework we have to record it in their logbook with scores and dates. If they have anything wrong, it needs to be put at the front of their folder so when they pick it up next time they come to class, they have to correct that work. As well as doing a new booklet for class.

    Very confusing O-o I hope that was a sufficient explanation. XD

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