As far as I know, I only have one allergy (and it’s to a specific type of medication – go me, for having to get the non-generic, more expensive antibiotics). But today… Oh, today… Has just honestly sucked. I went to work (of course) and had to drive over to Building B where I had to muck around with disgustingly dirty parts and note down information about them and everything. So that was gross and dirty and dusty. And I could not stop sneezing. I thought that was totally because of the dust.

And then I got back to Building A. And once I got off of the production floor and went back to my cubicle, I could not stop sneezing there either. And then my eyes started getting really itchy and dry and I couldn’t stop sneezing. And, this is completely unrelated to sneezing and having dry, itchy eyes, but I kept on hiccuping for like an hour. And while I was going ‘hic, hic, hic’, all I could think  about was that episode of Grey’s where Susan gets admitted for hiccups and the aftermath from that.

Which was so not good to be thinking about, considering the conclusion of the episode. But there was hiccups. And sneezing. And dry, itchy eyes. So yeah, today sucked, from the point of view that I was kind of feeling miserable for most of it. I mean, the day at work ended off well, I slept on the way home because I didn’t want to drive (keeping my eyes open was not helping with the whole ‘dry’ thing).

So, hopefully tomorrow doesn’t consist of sneezing and rubbing my red, red eyes (which I try to avoid to do, but when you’re tired and focusing on work and not what your hands are doing, it’s a little difficult).

So… How was your Thursday?

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  1. Aww! I hope you get better soon! Itchy eyes are a pain. I don’t get them often, or allergies with those reactions, but I think smelling perfume makes my eyes itchy. :S

    I hope you have a better day tomorrow! It’s Friday here; odd. 🙂 I’m pretty much on holidays now :3

    That NC question about Whistler’s was just dumb. Your tweets in the sidebar just reminded me how the answer was … British Columbia. O_O

  2. Oh man, I feel you on this one. I’ve never been allergic to anything but msg my whole life, then earlier this week I woke up with a runny nose, now all week long my eyes have been itchy, my nose running, sneezing all the time, I thought it might be a cold but I feel just fine… aside from how annoyed I am by it all.

    I hope it doesn’t keep up for you, maybe there is some dust flying around that you’re not agreeing with?

  3. … These may have been the symptoms of the same sickness I had last week. Or was it the week before? Regardless, it was the week before we went out for drinks for Kaytee’s birthday. And you sampled one of my drinks…
    Or maybe it’s just allergies for a day =)

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