I love work. I do. The people are generally great. I get paid. I do relatively easy (if not annoying tedious and occasionally stressful) work for the most part. However, oh my, I keep on sneezing while I’m at work. And it really sucks… I never had issues with dust and all that at work before, for the previous summers or even before last week. And now it’s like… every single day. Sneeze. A’choo, a’choo, a’choo! It sucks. But the nice thing is that there’s a lot of boxed tissues available. I currently have two at my desk at work. One unopened, one that’s halfway to being done. I also went and stashed one in my bag, since when I’m driving to and from the buildings, I’ve been sneezing a lot.

Anyways, besides my sneezing and whatnot… Work’s been going okay. I’m a little bit more comfortable moving from building to building. Which is great. The drive is short, a few turns,  and I’ve actually started learning the names of some of the people there. Which is good. It’s a lot better than going “Oh, umm, erm… Hi!” all the time instead of “Oh hi, [insert name here]”.

Although, I had another awkward conversation with someone at work  about how old I am. He guessed seventeen, only because (after I asked) he was afraid of offending me if he guessed something that he thought was actually my age (fourteen, in case you were curious). So yeah, there’s still work to be done. Perhaps it’s time to retire the printed cartoon shirts? I had considered it more than once before. Branching away from my beloved Care Bear shirts…

So how is life going for everyone? Sneezing as much as I have been?

And, one last question for you all, what’s one staple that you have in your wardrobe? (And I’m not referring to socks or underwear.)

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  1. How to solve all your sneezing problems: allergy medicines. Seriously, get a bottle of benadryl and it’s all good.
    And my wardrobe staple umm… awesome boots? Or cardigans. As a stare at the rainbow stacks of cardigans in my closet, I realize I have a lot of those…

  2. Ahaha… Poor Michelley. You should find out what’s causing it… allergies sound awful.

    You’re still being deemed younger than you are… I’m kinda jealous. It’ll be like… when you’re 30 people will think you’re still 20ish… *sigh*

    Some guy thought I was 20+ the other day… it felt more like a stab wound then a compliment x(

  3. I can sympathize with the sneezing, although mine are generally allergies and not dust related. Maybe try a claritin or benadryl? It could help!

    People always think I’m younger than I really am too. I work in a middle school and got asked for my hall pass when I first started working there. 🙁

  4. I feel ya. ):
    I got hayfever and literally this morn I woke up sneezing. it’s horrible GAH.

    I try and drink green tea. Strangely works. Or maybe my problem is psychological.

    Make sure you have an emergency set of tissues! ;]

  5. allergies around here are going haywire.. i blame this heat were having.

    I do think you should look into some allergy meds and that might help you a bit.

  6. Socks aren’t a staple D: ?! But,but socks with snazzy designs D: . Then cool hats, button shirts and suspenders I guess.

    Feel better soon!

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