Work was okay today, I guess. I did a lot of typing, a lot of cursing, saying a lot of “wtf-were-those-people-thinking”. All in a day’s work, I suppose. The construction nearby started very early this morning. They were banging and thumping and yelling at one another at 6:30am, when I woke up, and continued on all the way until about 6:30pm. Plus, they’ve been messing around with our driveway (again). And not in a ‘fixing the problem that they created the first time around’ kind of way either. So I got to listen to my parents going on and on and on and on about that! Which was not fun, at all.

I upgraded my WordPress to 2.8… I’m rather regretting it since I’ve already noticed a few bugs with it that I am not impressed with. Hopefully it all gets fixed fairly soon. Because I do have backups of all my entries and everything, but not so much of the actual WordPress bit… Whoopsies. Guess I learned my lesson there.

Umm… And in other news… Didn’t do too much today… I just found out from Georgina (via Twitter) that I won something, so I’m going to wait for her to tell me what that’s all about (Ohhh! I won a domain from the NameCheap Twitter contest – they credited my account with the amount that one domain costs. That will definitely come in handy since I’m planning on transferring two of my domains away from where they’re currently registered.)

So it’s kind of late (past 11pm) and I have work tomorrow, of course, so I’ll end off early and hopefully have something with a little bit more substance to talk about tomorrow. I need to drop by the library soon to pick up a hold (a new smutty romance book, score!) so maybe I’ll talk about that. Or something. I’m not sure yet. But I have realized that I haven’t asked for questions in a while so…

Today’s request from you: Ask me any question you’d like. Ask more than one. I’ll answer any that I deem to be appropriate (or that I can answer) in my next entry.


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  1. I always wait until the .1 version so things are fixed with WordPress. Yes, lesson learned.

    My question:
    If you had to live in any other country in the world other than the one you currently live in, which country would you pick and why?

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