I woke up this morning at the most absurd time ever (a little bit past 4am) and then had something that resembled a heart-to-heart with Clay. And, well, we’re working on it (as always). Which is always good to know.

There wasn’t a whole lot that I did today. I was woken up with the insistence that I had to get changed and ready to go out as my family was going out for lunch… And there was no food at home. So I had my breakfast at 10:30am… Which would have been fine (since I woke up at 9:45am) if the service wasn’t completely horrible at the restaurant that we went too. Really good food, but the servers were just… lifeless. And quiet. And didn’t make eyecontact at all. Just… horrible. And we went there maybe a month or so ago… The servers actually spoke to us before. It’s so weird.

So… Breakfast/lunch was okay. We did a little grocery shopping and then we had to head in the relative direction of home since they needed to drop me off at volunteering (I was a bit early). I hung out with G before I started actually volunteering (all my usual group were still eating lunch, same with everyone else). So we chatted and I helped her fold programs for an upcoming event that they were having before I headed out to spend some time with my residents. I realized today that I know a lot more names of the residents and staff than I realized! Especially after I could say hi to someone, and include their name, without needing to glance at the name sticker on their walker or wheelchair… Or ask them politely. I also played waitress today as I brought everyone their coffee or tea and potentially a cookie as well. They’re so nice, and they all thanked me profusely for serving them as if it was the best thing that had ever happened to them. Which made me feel really good as well.

I have also realized that I forgot to answer a question that Jonna asked me! Her question was: What do you mean by Clay being a “little too addicted” to video games?

And if you saw his collection of video games and how many consoles that he had – you would totally understand. I’m not sure how much the average North American male spends in terms of time and money on video games, but I’m going out on an limb and assuming that he spends more (on both) than the average person. Although, to be perfectly fair, it he wasn’t a complete addict (at times), I wouldn’t have been introduced to Nintendo’s Dr. Mario. So I suppose it’s good in some ways.

And Caity, if I ever do visit New Zealand, I might take you up on that offer. =)

If you have any questions for me, just mention them here and I’ll answer them as long as they’re appropriate in my next entry!

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  1. I’m glad you and Clay had a nice talk. I love those kinds of things.
    You better come visit if you come to NZ while I’m there! 😛

    Sounds like a fun day with volunteering!

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