A friend of mine from volunteering, who also attended the same high school as me, mentioned that she was going to yoga after volunteering and suggested that I considering joining her some time.

I considered it.

I even went as far as looking up some more information about it online to see what kind of poses they do and what kind of movements are involved. And while it seems fairly simple… Let’s just say that I’m no longer five years old and doing tumbles down a whole flight of stairs and then getting up and walking away without a scratch. Or I’m no longer seven and doing several cart wheels in a row without getting remotely dizzy.

Oh, to be  young again. But she did make a good point, I could probably do with some form of exercise. I haven’t gone running in a little bit (not because I haven’t been pissed off – which is one of the few reasons why I’ll go for a run – but because I’m too lazy, or too pissed off…? to run). And I haven’t played badminton in ages, but can never find anyone to go with. Maybe I shall try yoga…? Although I might break something… and probably something somewhat important to myself…

Off to bed with me, I have work at 7am instead of 8 tomorrow, meep!

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  1. Yoga is actually fairly easy! I mean, it TOTALLY depends on the instructor and class, but even in the most advance classes you can modify for easier poses. Honestly, I can’t highly recommend anything more then yoga. I’m addicted. It’s relaxing and great for toning the body! 🙂

  2. Yoga is really fun. Though I’ve always done it at home through videos or pictures, versus actually going to a class. I was really intimidated at first, but it’s really not as hard as it looks (for the most part… some of the advanced poses are a bit ridiculous).
    I’m weird though, I don’t like the quiet, calming atmosphere that Yoga is supposed to give you. It bores me. I’ll play my glam rock music while I do Yoga, thank you very much. ;D

  3. I plan to join a class as soon as my bank account will allow. I’d like to do something more energetic as well… but, I have to start somewhere.

  4. I’ve tried yoga…on the Wii Fit. Haha. I actually kind of liked it, but only because I don’t like having to sweat, because I sweat bad enough with out doing anything. 😛 I don’t know, I guess it’s “calming”.

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