Cody – There are some stores in the States that sell the Takara Blythe dolls (… and ADG, if you wanted one of the ADG Blythe dolls). Are you a member of ThisIsBlythe? There’s a whole thread with a list of stores that carry them, but you have to be a member to view it. I’ll take a look later to see if there’s any listed for your state.

Day two with Sophie… I still can’t believe that I have a Blythe doll. Granted, I’m already looking at dress patterns and seeing what fabric I have in my little stash to see what I can come up with. But the first order of business is getting her long (it’s down to her ankles!) hair under control – which will be happening on Wednesday as I have the day off (Canada Day is on July 1st, for those who don’t know) so I’m going to work on that. And then make her something to wear so she can get out of her stock clothes. I wasn’t particularly partial to the clothes that she came with before, but I’m warming up the giraffe pattern. Maybe it’s because it’s the only clothes I have that fit her right now. She’s also going around barefoot as the shoes she came with are flimsy and I’m don’t like them. I believe a trip to a thrift store to get some Skipper shoes is needed. … After I get her hair under control. I’ve worked out a knot out of her long locks already and there’s frizzy around the bottom already… Box hair, I’m calling it. My dad asked if I was going to cut her hair. I nearly had a coronary.

I have to record Clay saying ‘Blythe’ one of these days… It’s supposed to be one syllable, but he pronounces it with two and sometimes I can’t tell if he’s doing it on purpose to make me laugh or if he just has issues with one syllable doll brand names. My dad says ‘Sophie’ differently too, since he says it the way that the name would be sort of translated into Chinese, so it sounds more like ‘So-fay’ instead of the ‘fee’ sound in her name.

Anyways… Work went well today. It was really quiet in the area that I work. There’s three other people and two of them were not there today so it was just me and one other person. And it was just so quiet. The only sounds I heard were:

Which means… there wasn’t a whole lot of sound. And it was very easy to hear a pin (or a pen) drop. Hopefully there will be more people around tomorrow, or else I may go insane from the silence/lack of noise… Someone came by to talk and I almost literally jumped out of my skin (I did jump a little bit, but it was more from the loud clapping sound that they made rather than their presence… Or at least that’s what I’m maintaining!). I spent a lot of time doing data entry… Since that’s what all 4 of my current projects revolve around. So it’s nice. When I’m tired of doing data entry for Project #1, I move onto data entry for Project #2. But my projects have their priorities, and I know which ones are more important, so I generally stick to #1 unless I’m really stuck and waiting for a response from someone.

Anyways… Besides my new doll (I’m such a little kid sometimes!) and work, nothing else has been new…

How was your Monday?

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  1. Monday was okay. Just went to physio.

    Just so you know most of the Licca, Momoko, Pullip and Mamachapp clothing fits the Blythe dolls so if you order clothes for the Blythe for different brand makers it will probably be okay.

    Oh and if you need fabric for making doll clothes I have a lot of fabric , and your free to take it of my hands (I don’t need it. Please take it D:!!!). Just give me the word!

  2. You have to show us the recording if you do. I haven’t heard of another one syllable doll brand – or I can’t think of one now – perhaps Clay just has trouble with it. 😛

    I quite like it when work is quiet. I don’t usually like being disturbed anyway! Sometimes at work I’m happy that the children aren’t coming up to me and asking questions and when they do… I just want them to go away. XD

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