So today is Canada’s birthday! The country’s still incredibly young compared to others, but they all ‘age’ at the same rate, I suppose, so there’s not much that can be done about that. So today I didn’t wear white… or red. I didn’t have a flag pin on or a small flag sticking out of my hair like I did when I was younger. I didn’t really feel like being in the birthday celebratory mood.

I did go out for lunch with the family today, as well as some shopping in the lovely air conditioned mall. I tried on a few dresses that I had eyed on a website that had finally gone on sale at more than 50% off, but they just didn’t look as good on me as they did on the mannequins on the website. Which was rather disappointing. But at least I refrained from spending money today, which is always nice. My next credit card bill is going to be atrocious anyways, since I went and bought my new doll (who was totally worth it!). I decided that I’m probably going to make another blog just for doll-related entries. Wouldn’t want to bore everyone as I go on and on about hair treatment for Blythe dolls, now would I? Now I’d just need a blog name for it!

Dinner was awesome, my dad made crab and chicken to go along with the vegetables and the rice. Mmm, mmm, good! We’ve been eating leftovers from last weekend for the last few days – my parents made this stew that has beef (ox tail, to be more specific), carrots, potatos and tomatoes. It’s really good and keeps well, but after having it for three days in a row (for lunch and dinner!), it was wearing a bit thin in terms of what my taste budes like. So crab and chicken was a much welcome change!

So, for those who are in Canada… What did you do with your day off? (If you had the day off, that is.) Did you do anything festive for Canada’s birthday or did you just stay at home and relax on that extra day off that you have this week?

And for those who aren’t Canadian or not in Canada at the moment, and therefore don’t get a day off (unless you have some other random holiday…) what did you do today that was interesting or mundane? Do share! =)

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  1. Happy Canada Day! I’d totally read a doll blog. I used to be friends with a girl on Flickr who had the cutest dolls. She made them herself and made dresses for all of them. It was awesome. I would’ve loved to read along.

    I have been on vacation obviously. Josh and I finally had a day to ourselves and it was nice. We played video games, slept in, and went out to dinner. <3

  2. Happy Canada day! We have Australia day in January and people really show their appreciation/support/love by wearing green and gold – that part doesn’t make sense because our flag is blue with the union jack and stars. Green and gold have been the “Aussie” colours. Eh, weird. But the newspaper always sells these free but kind of tacky sun hats, that actually become a trend. O_O

    Mmm I haven’t had crab in a while; I tend to go for the crab soups in restaurants (the good ones, obviously)!

    I can’t even remember if we get a holiday for Australia day. My bad. I don’t know how old Australia is either. :X

  3. This is really weird, but I’ve always been jealous of Canadians. My entire life I’ve wished I was born in Canada. I’m not sure where the obsession came from, but its definitely still there. XD

    But yeah, Happy (day late) Birthday, Canada! *dances*

    It’s always so depressing when a dress doesn’t look as good on as it did on the rack or mannequin. 🙁 Especially when it’s on sale! Major bummer.

    I was sick this entire week, so yesterday wasn’t too exciting for me. I got up and walked around my house, and that was quite a feet!

  4. Glad to hear you had a great Canada Day, would have commented yesterday but was off the computer for most of the day (a nice change)

    For Canada Day, I was able to sleep in which meant I missed my change of driving to my old towns parade and I didn’t really want to take in the venue in my new town alone.. So I just took my mom out for lunch.

  5. Ox tail stew?! Your parents make that too?! My mom makes it like twice a year! A big pot of it that lasts at least two days 😛 I’m sick of it by the first day but what can I do? She made it XD except she doesn’t put potatoes in it. I think it might be because I don’t like potatoes in soup or stew… only mashed or baked or turned in fries 😛

    Interesting…? All I did was watch a movie with Royce and cuddle at his house. Well… maybe more than cuddle… >.>

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