I think there’s been something wrong with my writing lately. Maybe it’s too much sugar before blogging… Or I’m lacking my English skills (too bad that’s all I’ve got going for me?).

Heather, I’m still going to see Les Miserables (I love the novel as well! I’ve read it in English multiple times and in French only once or twice… It was difficult, required a lot of French-English dictionary use!). I’m just going with my friend C instead of the Boyfriend. And yes, it’s a doll dress (for my doll, not a dress that has dolls on it for me).

Anyways, I have something to confess. It may come to a surprise to some of you (… maybe)… But I know pretty much nothing about cars. Seriously, just ask my boyfriend. I thought ‘tire’ and ‘wheel’ were the exact same thing. Until today. Did you know that they’re not the same thing? I know! It’s amazing! I learn something new every day! Like someone at work was trying to explain something about cars to me today and started using weird terminology. My eyes? Totally glazed straight over. And it was like “Uh huh… Uh huh… You don’t say? Wow… Uh huh…” Now, if someone wanted to engage me into a conversation about Blythe dolls… That’s a conversation that I could totally get into. But I do like learning new things. Like… The fact that an item called ‘rims’ doesn’t actually go on the outside. It just doesn’t make any sense (to me).

So, I started cleaning out of my wardrobe! It involves a lot of ‘… Why did I keep this?’ and a lot of trying on clothes that I haven’t worn in a while. There’s a sweater that I’m going to unravel for the yarn – it’s this wonderful, soft steel-blue yarn from a sweater that I absolutely loved… until I got a hole in the elbow of one of the sleeves. So taking it apart it is, and I shall end up with a wonderful, soft steel-blue scarf. Which will be massively long. And there’s a bunch of clothes that I’m never going to wear again… My ‘fabric stash’ is starting to grow… And all that really means is that I really ought to be spending more time cutting out fabric and sewing and less time on the interwebs… But it is rather difficult to tear myself away from all the sites that I go onto daily. That and I’m having fun with Sophie in my lap as we check out various clothes and dresses. She keeps pointing to things that she likes… And sisters that she’d like to have… I’m going to keep my credit card away from this girl.

… Ahem. Anyways, hope you had a wonderful Wednesday and that your Thursday is even better! I’m off to go make some jewellery… Because I have the need to sell something in order to justify my recent expenditures… Besides, how many necklaces can I really wear at any one given time? (Please don’t answer that question, I’m afraid someone’s going to dare me into wearing all the ones I’ve got to work or something.)

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  1. Ohh i didnt know you made jewlery? (Your not the only one today with a lack of English skills- i cannot spell for toffee! ^-^) You must upload some piccies, i wanna see!

    Yay for being Environmentally friendly and recycling jumpers 🙂 I have just started knitting about 4 months ago and am in the process of making a blanket out of different coloured patches 🙂


  2. lol you are so cute. Tire and wheel. Hahaha.
    I cleaned out my wardrobe a lot during the move. It’s such a nice feeling.

  3. I didn’t think there was a difference between a tire and a wheel either o.O I even asked Royce, but then again, he’s not an auto aficionado either 😛

    I should clean out my closet someday. There’s a lot of clothes I don’t wear anymore that I could donate.

  4. Ah! I really don’t think it’s your writing – I’m just an airhead! I’m glad (and JEALOUS) to hear that you’re still seeing Les Miserables though. I’d love to know how it is. 🙂

    Hehe… Doll dress… My bad! XD

    I didn’t know there was a difference between a tire and a wheel either! What *is* the difference exactly?! I’m sadly just as clueless when it comes to cars. Which is rather pathetic, since both of my ex boyfriends have been street racers and car fanatics. Oh, well.

    Yay for cleaning out closets and jewelry making!

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