Dane and Heather – You have no clue how happy I am that other people didn’t know there was difference either. What I have learned – and hopefully I get this right! – is that the tire portion is the rubber (… or whatever material it is, the black portion!) while the wheel is the ‘whole thing’ (tire + metal-ish bits and whatnot…). Or something.

I’m so glad I’m not getting tested on the parts of a car right now. So glad.

But yes, Les Miserables on Saturday! Whee *twirls* Have I mentioned that I’m really excited about it? Work’s been incredibly slow and boring and there’s been nothing for me to do, so I really have all the time in the world to just think about other things. Like the play. And knitting. I casted on my first ever sweater today and it’s going rather well. I’ll post photos when it’s all done. It’s being done in light grey, super soft acrylic.

I had some issues with Chelle-Chelle.com yesterday, I ended up clearing out WordPress and doing a completely new, fresh installation. Works like a charm now, except I need to go around and reupload the photos that I previously had up. But there’s a new layout! If you want to go check it out. My revamp’s almost all done, I have a bunch of pages I want to get finished and linked up, but for now it’s done.

I’ve been freaking out a little a lot about course registration for the next school year (2009-2010). I have all the classes I want picked out (5 biology + 1 organic chem + 1 psychology + 1 math = 8 courses! 4 per term). The only problem is that the math course is a first year class. Which means that first years get first pick and why must they always pick the class/time/location for the specific one that I want?! I can make mock time tables online, if I log into my school’s website and right now there’s 7 spots left in the math course I have in my time table. There’s 2 other classes that are the exact same course and the exact same time, but the buildings are about 10 minutes further from the bus loop than the one that has 7 seats left. What I’m really hoping for is that someone will drop out of one of the classes in a nicer time. So I won’t be at school from 8am to 5pm. … Really, who wants to be on campus for that long when they’re not living on campus?

Anyways, off to go reupload photos for my site… And constantly refresh to see if my transfers have completed yet. I’m a little obsessive with this right now.

Hope you all had a great Thursday!

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  1. Oh my gosh. I always used to freak out about registering for classes. I don’t understand why schools make it so difficult. I hope that you get it all sorted out!

  2. There’s a good chance that course selection will work out. Check the course registration website often (daily around registration time) to see if a spot opens up. Is there another lecture with the same prof at a different time? If there is, just attend that one instead =)

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