I’m a girl of very few words today.

Let’s see… Slept in, but got to work on time. Computer crashed, restarted it 17 times (I keep a tally on a Post-It note). Ate candy (this wasn’t suck-ish though, by the way – yay for gummy cola-flavoured candy). Chatted with assorted people. Got a cup full of water rested on my head (managed not to spill it). Ate lunch while A was the only one in the room (bleh… I wish I could be rude – damn my parents for instilling somewhat decent manners in me). Got mail today – I bought a Blythe dress online for Sophie and it arrived today (a week after it was posted in Hong Kong!). It does smell a little bit like moth balls (which is common in HK, I asked my mom), so I’m currently airing it out before I get her into the cute little butterfly-covered dress. That wasn’t suckish either, since I’m not allergic to the smell of moth balls. Work was crap. Dinner was horrible. But I’m just tired now, I’m totally going to take an early night. Maybe have a drink.

Cheers to the end of a shitty week, everyone (at least for me).

Hope your Friday was fantastic, or as fantastic as it humanly possibly can be.

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  1. Haha dork. That’s something I would do – keep a tally of how many times I restarted my computer. Aw, I’m sorry you had a crappy day and a yucky week but at least you have a pretty dress!

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