Only 9 more work days!

No Clay at work today, also no D or S (for socialization purposes). So work was a) depressing, b) long and c) boring. But mostly depressing. Meeting(s) tomorrow in the afternoon. More work, more sourcing out materials, more sketching.

But the textbook list at my school is up! So I listed some of my old ones for sale (since they’re being reused), so hopefully that works out (I’m looking at a little over $400 in sales if I can sell all 6 books!). Also posted a ‘want to buy’ for some of the ones that I need in September, so hopefully that works out as well.

And… yeah, I’ve been in such a mood all day, I’m depressing myself just thinking about it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

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  1. Days like those are so crappy… I’ve had a lot of days like that at work too.

    I need to buy my textbooks too; I emailed my professors asking for a confirmed booklist and only ONE emailed me back -_- the other two obviously don’t want me to save money, damn it.

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