After volunteering today (I’m back on Fridays!), I walked to the bus stop and witnessed a black squirrel getting hit by a car. It wasn’t ‘flatten’ on the road (I believe it just got hit, so not run over) and another black squirrel darts out to where the injured/potentially dead squirrel was and started running around it’s fallen friend and once in a while was nudging the squirrel.

A man came along and saw the squirrel (injured/potentially dead) and the other squirrel (running around and nudging the injured squirrel). He picked up a few sticks on the grass near the side walk and went over to where the two squirrels and the non-injured squirrel stopped running and let the man pick up the injured one with the sticks and followed the man as he brought the injured squirrel over to the grass by the sidewalk and placed the squirrel in the shade. The man set the sticks down and continued on his way down the sidewalk. The non-injured squirrel continued to run around and nudge the injured once and was still doing that when I got onto the bus.

So, Mr. (Mrs. or Miss?) Squirrel (the non running one) I hope you’re okay. If not, I hope your buddy has stopped running around you by now.

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  1. Aww that’s such a sad story! But it’s also cool how observant you are with the things you see in your environment. I didn’t know that squirrels had this “sense” when their friend is injured or something. That’s pretty cool, actually. Too bad we don’t have squirrels in the country though.

  2. Aww… poor squirrel. That makes me sad.

    On a lighter squirrel-related note, one climbed onto our balcony with a walnut in its mouth today, and walked right up to the screen door. Max had just sat down for some window-watching… I imagine this is the single greatest day of his life.

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