A lot of people in Twitter, or at least on my contact list, have been talking about what they were like 10 years ago and how they picture their lives 10 years from now.

10 years ago today, I would have been on winter break from school, and probably just hanging out at home. I was a quiet girl (erm, still am? to an extent), painfully shy, perfectly incapable of public speaking (and dreaded doing speeches for class). 10 years ago, my main hobbies would have included roleplaying, making dinky websites online and reading as much as I humanly could. I would have also read the majority of my school’s library collection, as well as a large portion of the books at my public library. I did relatively well in school besides physical education (because, really, what has P.E. done for me?). I was hopelessly crushing on a boy who was moonlighting as my friend. Also, I actually had an interest in sports back then (surprising, I know). I participated in track events, badminton, etc.

10 years from now… I’ll be 30. I will have graduated from post secondary with a degree in nursing (no matter what path I end up taking to get there). I will also hopefully be…

How was your life 10 years ago? What has changed? What has stayed the same?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years? How old will you be? What do you hope will happen?

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  1. I love your new layout! Such pretty colours!

    I think ten years ago I was into toys and dolls and whatnot. I can’t quite remember. Ten years is a little bit too far (and uninteresting) for me to remember. But it was probably when I started showing an interest in computers and kiddish computer games. Makes my life seem short. 😛

    I hope to be married 10 years from now, if not engaged. 😉 I’ll be… nearly 29? I sort of hope to have moved out by then, and hopefully I’ll have a dog as part of my family.

    I don’t remember much so I can’t really say how I’ve changed. I’m probably a little more confident and crazy. I’m still shy around some people… mostly family.

  2. Good achievable goals. Ten years ago seems such a long time ago! Gosh. Ten years ago was lame time for my, I would of just turned ten years old. That phrase made me laugh “Painfully shy”. LOL

    Ten years from now I want to be crazily in love, married to a man of my dreams, with a kid, a dog, writing full time in my own house in the countryside just outside London. I wanna be driving too.

    If only ey? Happy New Year m’dear! <3

  3. I saw those same tweets about the 10 and 20 year old. Its amazing to see what people remember.

    I’m curious to see what the next 10 years will bring us in technology and what not.

    In 10 years I’ll be 40 (a shocker I know) but hopefully I would have found the man of my dreams by then and with a kid or two. BUT I’m NOT gonna hold my breath on that..

    Good luck with your goals Michelle

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