My next door neighbour has tenants living in their basement. I hardly ever see them, but occasionally will and generally don’t interact with them (the tenants, I mean, not my neighbours! I love my neighbours, despite their poor taste in tenants).

In the past they’ve had tenants that had very loud parties past midnight (my neighbours called the police on them for the noise level, which was absurd and making my house shake), tenants who were very quiet and kept to themselves (a couple with a newborn, turns out that the father was an illegal immigrant, we had custom officials come to our door asking if we’d seen the man lately as he wasn’t living next door anymore) and now we have one of their tenants (they have two different basement apartments) which is the subject of this post.

It’s a couple, assumed to be living together, and I’ve seen them arguing a lot before. They take the same bus at me, openly curse at each other and look kind of… ragged? Like super messy¬† hair for both of them, have an obvious odor coming from them (and I don’t stand that close to people while waiting for the bus!) and today I saw them on the bus when I was on my way home from school. I actually didn’t recognize them at first (like I said, I tend not to pay attention to the tenants that live next door), but they got off at the same stop as me.

I saw them while I was getting up to make my way to the back door. The man was stuffing his mouth with chips while the woman was holding an old magazine up to her nose that had a row of what appeared to be white powder* on it and she was inhaling it. In the middle of the day. On a public bus. Right in front of the door.

I let them walk ahead of me off of the bus and then cue arguing over how she used up all their “stash” that they just got today and how he spent on their money on junk (food, presumably, given the dollar store bag over-flowing with off-brand junk food). And they continued the same direction that was to where I live… then I watched them turn up my neighbour’s driveway to go to their entrance. And it was kind of an “Ohhhh right, those people!” moment.

Oddly enough, this couple are the longest renting tenants that my neighbours have had. But, then again, I don’t pay too much attention to the tenants.

But, really? Recreational drug usage on public transit? Really? (I still get surprised when I see a high school kid rolling a joint on the back of the bus, so harder drugs were more of a surprise.)

* And considering that prescription drugs generally don’t require you to mash up pills to inhale, I’m pretty sure it’s a safe bet that it wasn’t anything legal

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  1. One popular way of doing Ritalin is to crush the tablets into a powder and snort it. It delivers the dose quicker than swallowing it. I can only assume that it’s done with other prescription drugs too.
    But coke is probably more likely…

    1. They’re the same couple that I’ve heard openly arguing about how she keeps on blowing money on heroin, I don’t know if I’ve blogged about it or mentioned it before. So probably not abused prescription drugs for them.

      Forgot about Ritalin… I read a paper about abusing prescription drugs for a class once, it was one of the main drugs featured, I should have remembered that.

  2. It’s probably coc with those people but I have pain killers in powder form that ironically taste like Coca Cola that I swallow but I always get jokes about how I should snort them =_=.

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