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  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about joining a bunch of clubs and getting leadership positions. My sister (the one who got the interview) was only in one club (and she sure as hell had no authority whatsoever) and she volunteered waaaay less than you (it was a once a month gig). Plus, if you’re planning on getting a degree first than going for nursing, the fact you’ll have a degree already is already a huge boost. Well the way I see it is, if you have a UBC degree already, doing nursing in a regular college like Douglas or Langara isn’t going to “look bad” in any way — my cousin’s cousin graduated from SFU in psychology and then went to Langara to do her nursing degree, and she’s totally fine, heh.

    But I know how you feel!! I feel like I’m wasting so much time and am way behind everyone! (even though I have no reason to feel that way because 80% of my friends are graduating in ’12 too).

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