I started work today! I’m working on (so far…) one major project for the summer. It’s essentially data entry mixed in with hunting down answers and drawing connections between two different groups of data without the information between. Yeah, totally excited! It’s actually kind of fun. I sat in a few meetings today. I got a desk and a computer on the first day of work (yay!). Faster than any other summer I’ve worked for them, whoot. So I have a work area with very blank walls in my little cube. And I need things to put on my very gray walls. Because the dreariness of really plain gray walls…. Yeah, not awesome.

Any suggestions for cubicle decor?

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  1. OOH hurray! When I did data entry in the summer, I had a little cube but it was just a temporary job so I didn’t want to decorate the space. Sometimes because there were other temporary employees, I had to use someone else’s desk. XD

    You could grab a noticeboard and stick notes on it… but then again you could stick those on the walls. 😛

    Maybe a few flowers or colourful paper flowers? XD

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